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'Coffee Queen' Contest Will Pay Winner $5K To Drink Coffee In A Castle For A Week

Everybody has a dream vacation, and for many, it involves the three S's of Sun, Sand, and Surf. I mean, it's hard to go wrong with warmth and a sweet ocean view.

I think the one thing a good vacation needs regardless of the latitude, however, is serious relaxation.

If you can somehow figure out how to get it all paid for, well, you're probably actually dreaming and should wake up.

But indeed, there is one company that wants to pay someone to take a trip, and whoever wins out might just not sleep for a whole week.

Gevalia Kaffe, a coffee company known for its distinct gold bags, wants to pay one lucky person $5,000 to spend a week in a Scottish castle.

Gevalia Kaffe

Carlowrie Castle in Edinburgh will host the company's "Coffee Queen" — and no, you don't need to be female to win that title — for one week of thorough, coffee-based pampering.

It sounds like an experience right out of Downton Abbey, only with more coffee.

Instagram | @carlowrie_castle

Should you be crowned the Gevalia's Coffee Queen, you'll have access to a personal butler, and be fed five-course meals.

There are also a lot of coffee-themed activities.

You'll learn how to make coffee-inspired meals from an award-winning chef, take in some coffee-inspired spa treatments, and of course, drink all the coffee you want.

Good news on that last point: the castle has a ridiculous 11 bathrooms, so you'll never be too far when all that coffee inevitably hits your bladder.

Instagram | @carlowrie_castle

Weirdly, though, the castle only has two bedrooms.

That's an oddly large discrepancy between beds and toilets.

However, if you want to have any hopes of treading Carlowrie's 32 acres for an extremely caffeinated week, you'll have to act fast.

Instagram | @carlowrie_castle

Gevalia's Coffee Queen contest closes December 21.

If you're interested, enter right here. The Coffee Queen will be crowned on or around December 30.

Good luck!

h/t: Delish