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Pregnant Mom Asks The Internet If She Should Let Her 'Cheating Husband' Into The Delivery Room

Lex Gabrielle 16 Dec 2019

Moms often think long and hard about who they are going to let into the delivery room when they go into labor. When one expecting mom was betrayed by her husband before giving birth, she asked the internet if he should be let into the delivery room.

Giving birth is an intimate experience for any mom.

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Not only are you vulnerable, but it's special and meaningful — so moms don't want just anyone in the room with them.

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Most of the time, your partner is the one you want next to you.

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Women want their husbands or wives next to them through the birthing experience. In some cases, moms will also hire a doula for additional support.

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But what happens when your partner has cheated on you before you give birth?

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Cheating hurts anyone in any relationship, but when you're pregnant and expecting, it hurts 10 times worse.

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One anonymous expecting mother asked the internet what she should do about her cheating husband in terms of their baby's birth.

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The mom asked people online through the website Mamas Uncut about what she should do.

The father, who cheated after she got pregnant, "denies the child is even his own and has been extremely rude to her," the mom said in her post.

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Apparently, the husband also has a new girlfriend, too.

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The expecting mom wrote:

"My husband cheated on me since I got pregnant, so we are not together anymore. He’s been dating different types of girls. We have not had contact with each other."

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However, it's still his child.

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"I’m due tomorrow and he wants to go in with me to the surgery room cause I’m scheduled for a C-Section. However, he has a crazy girlfriend and I really don’t want to deal with his problems at the hospital, but then again he’s the father of my baby," the mom wrote.

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It would be a difficult decision for any mom to make.

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It all comes down to how much this mom wants her husband to be in the baby's life. Some couples still choose to co-parent after a fallout like this, while other moms opt for full custody.

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She asked people online what she should do, and went on to explain that he's been allegedly abusive as well.

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"Should I let him in with me or should I definitely not let him at all? This entire time he’s been treating me bad."

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The mom also went on to say that she was confused by his request to be in the room at all.

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"He has done some verbal abuse and he has denied that this kid is his just cause he’s dating a married girl and he thinks everyone is like her! That’s why I’m a little confused,” she said.

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Most people said she shouldn't let him in.

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Many people pointed out that this day is special and the mom should only invite people who, "love her and support her."

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Many people said that he can see the baby after.

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The birthing process, especially a C-section, can be a lot to handle. The mom can always call him once the baby is born and she has rested.

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One commenter said that since he wasn't supportive during the pregnancy, he shouldn't be let in to the delivery room.

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"Okay so if he’s been bad the entire 9 months why even have doubts about wanting him there? Your baby is going to be born you need positive people there with you, don’t let him be there," they said.

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In total, over 400 people replied to this mom's question on Facebook.

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The vast majority of respondents felt that the husband shouldn't be let into the delivery room if that was the mom's choice.

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Another person said if he remembers, he should show up.

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“He knows it’s a scheduled c-section, I wouldn’t remind him. If he shows up then he’s concerned. If he doesn’t then you know he’s not serious,” said one user in their response.

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If you were to ask me, I wouldn't let him come.

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If he cheated, he's out of the picture. But, that's just me! What do you think — would you let your cheating husband in the delivery room?

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