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12+ Twitter Users Share Their Most Baffling Secret Santa Gifts

As nice as office Secret Santa exchanges can be when everything goes well, it can also involve making a bit of a gamble for the person you're buying for.

Sure, some services make it a little easier by letting you see each other's wishlists and giving you at least some sense of what they want, but you might find yourself flying blind and taking some risks.

But while some presents are a fair guess whether they technically hit the mark or not, others come out of nowhere so hard and fast that it's hard to know what our coworkers were thinking.

And as we'll see from the questionable gifts that these British Twitter users received, that's not even an indignant way to tell people they got it wrong. We're genuinely curious to know their thought processes.

1. It looks a little unusual, but this pen's design apparently makes it way easier to left-handed folks to use.

Twitter | @wendy_matts

Now, that might be a pretty thoughtful gift...if it was for someone who was actually left-handed. Oops.

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2. At first, it sounds like the height of generosity for someone to give out a Nintendo Switch at an exchange.

Twitter | @ScottAlexasMum

Of course, that changes entirely when you actually see what that means in this case.

I guess it's better that we swallow this disappointment as adults than let anyone subject some poor kid to this bait and switch.

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3. Someone must've gotten their wires crossed pretty hard if they thought this gift made sense.

Twitter | @Electric_b_lou

Well, I guess this is one way to learn that they make tea tree skin cream specifically for small pets.

I'm not sure what you're supposed to do with it if you don't have a rodent or a rabbit at home, though.

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4. One woman suddenly found herself with not only a gift she couldn't use, but a reason to give her coworkers the side-eye.

Twitter | @Jeanettel1979

Even this photo may not make it quite clear that the underwear she received was eight sizes bigger than the ones she actually wears.

Not that going underwear shopping for a coworker would be any less weird if these did fit her, of course.

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5. One user said they received a Tony Blair DVD, but unfortunately didn't elaborate on what that actually meant.

Reddit | ladon86

The best guess I can make is that it was some documentary about the former Prime Minister of the U.K.

Still, part of me wants to believe that the Secret Santa somehow convinced themselves that their coworker wanted to watch this guy talk for two hours.

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6. This oddly specific money box left one Twitter user a little confused when they unwrapped it.

Twitter | @DAstwood1

They said they didn't have a caravan, which led another user to reply that they might be able to get one if they use this effectively enough.

That's not wrong, I suppose, but I think the idea was that this person never really mentioned any desire to own one.

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7. While a lot of people would be very happy to receive this, it happened to go to someone who couldn't eat dairy.

Twitter | @emmakuponuts

Of course, what elevates this present from simply unfortunate to maddening is how perfectly it lives up to its name.

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8. Sometimes it isn't the gift itself that's the problem, but the backstory behind it.

Twitter | @Bunnymoonstone

The woman who received these quilted coat hangars at a family Secret Santa exchange had previously given them to her grandma.

At the time, she was under the impression her grandma loved them, but the truth was apparently a lot more awkward.

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9. Rather than decide on just one weird gift, this woman decided to make a whole collage of them.

Twitter | @Lisa2062

She also tweeted out, "Apparently I should be thrilled with the last one as it's useful," but I'd be more excited about that frog statue, if I'm honest.

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10. Some people prefer fingerless gloves, but these probably wouldn't be their first choice for that.

Twitter | @RiRi_108

I actually think some puns are super clever, but some just manage to annoy every muscle in my body.

"Handerpants" definitely fits into the second category.

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11. This design will likely look familiar, but its purpose will probably raise some eyebrows.

Twitter | @claugirl77

It would be one thing if this was just a weird grater, but this seems to suggest there are people out there who need their carrots sharpened?

Are they trying to make really edgy snowmen or what?

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12. Nothing captures the spirit of the season like a baseball cap with melancholy poetry written on the side of it.

Twitter | @Tan_Giveaways

Yes, this is apparently a thing that exists. I'm not sure what kind of market they were planning to reach with this one, but someone obviously thought it was a good idea.

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13. Even if whoever receives this were in need of a new dictionary, they'd still be disappointed.

Twitter | @karen_m001

It turns out that this is really just a front for a secret, locked compartment. It's for the bookish type with trust issues, I suppose.

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14. For whatever reason, someone decided to get one user a toilet seat.

Reddit | davidemilos

Either that idea came from a really weird assumption, or somebody seriously misinterpreted a conversation they had because the logic behind that decision really escapes me.

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15. Not only is this the creepiest looking Buddha statue I've ever seen, but it apparently makes noise.

Twitter | @GrumpyAsEver

That's right. If you press on that panel in his belly, you'll be treated to some incredibly tinny chanting and then a random, ear-splitting tone.

Don't ask me why, though.

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16. One user was less than impressed with this alleged cat plush.

Twitter | @Poppybish

As she said, "How about this for a really ugly useless pressie...why would anyone think you’d like this?"

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