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15+ Pics That Show Just How Strange Things Can Really Get

One thing that's continuously mind-blowing about our world is that no matter how many strange things we see in it, there's an understanding that we've hardly scratched the surface.

Just as researchers seem to discover new species in far-flung corners of the world every year, we have a talent for stumbling across new sights and bizarre pictures that stay with us in uncomfortable ways.

In a way, there's something weirdly informative about the way we experience these windows into the world. After all, we might never have realized what's going on in these images was possible if couldn't witness them like this.

1. Unless somebody knows how to do Grand Theft Auto cheats in real life, I can't imagine how someone managed to park this here.

Reddit | RodDryfist

That caution tape may not seem it's accomplishing much, but I beg to differ.

If someone's crazy enough to start this chopper up, it does a good job of making it clear how close is too close.

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2. This disturbing "face" would be about as terrifying to make contact with as it is to look at.

Reddit | Shaderacky

That's because this is a brain-eating amoeba as seen under a microscope. I'll give this little nightmare one thing, it's very good at showing us why we shouldn't mess with it.

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3. Here's a word of advice: If you're going to use a face morphing app, maybe don't try and make yourself look like a cartoon character.

Reddit | piponwa

As we can see from an AI's attempt to mold what was once a perfectly normal face into this picture Donald Duck, the results can leave a little to be desired.

Unless, you want to scare everybody, I suppose.

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4. In this photo, the problem isn't just that schools can get pretty eerie when the lights are off at night.

Reddit | naklez06

If you look to the top right of the photo, you'll see that whoever took this picture isn't alone.

Hopefully, those eyes just belong to a cat or something.

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5. While this cake still manages to look fairly tasty, it's also about as disturbing as Hello Kitty can possibly get.

Reddit | boomrlul

Despite the weird cuts in her face and the dentures, however, I like how she still decided to accessorize with that snazzy red bow.

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6. I guess the question is whether this ghostly figure is trespassing or stands ready to keep others from doing it.

Reddit | cursed_cynical

If it's the latter, than you'd be hard pressed to find a more effective deterrent.

If it's the first option, then it's not hard to see why nobody trying to stop it.

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7. I'd think it was adorable that these two have each other if they were almost anything else in the world.

Reddit | Paturious

As it stands, I'm guessing that they're comfortably cuddling and fondly reminiscing on all of the doomed souls they've dragged into the abyss.

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8. Oh great, it looks like there's something else we should be irrationally afraid of.

Reddit | VGM111

Granted, it's quite rational if we're walking through this building, but there can't be some trickster with a terrifying mask lurking above every ceilnig tile, right?


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9. Our reflections can get pretty funky depending on the surface we're staring into, but this one defies explanation a lot more than usual.

Reddit | KapkanYouNot

For instance, this area seems pretty well-lit, so why are the stretched-out cat's eyes glowing like that?

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10. Unfortunately, the purpose of this chair is exactly what it seems to be.

Reddit | thunderkhawk

It's unclear who once forced people to sit in this sadistic device, but it can now be found at the Museum of Torture in Guanajuato, Mexico.

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11. Giant centipedes aren't welcome guests at the best of times, but good luck getting comfortable now that you know they can hang out above our heads.

Reddit | virgosupercluster_

I guess I should consider myself lucky that the last June bug that invaded one of by light fixtures didn't survive the experience.

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12. I'm sure there's a reason we have giant isopods, but it'll take more than a lullaby session to convince me they're cute.

Reddit | slashinghands

When a baby fusses, it moves its little arms around in a very adorable way. Unfortunately, it has a much different effects when the number of arms ratchets up to the double digits and they look like this.

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13. Someone had to have made these egg sculptures, but I'm not sure we'll ever know why.

Reddit | Jolli200

If they were trying to make us as uncomfortable as possible, I think they've succeeded.

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14. This abandoned power station is both creepy and neat.

Reddit | konohakagurelmao

On one hand, that giant hole looks like a gate to Hell.

On the other hand, it kind of looks like one of those big funnels in fancy gumball machines where you get to watch the gum go round-and-round.

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15. Nature really freaks me out sometimes.

Reddit | Symbeat

Like, where is there a spider that just decides to eat a frog? Aren't fries and smaller bugs easier?

It's more likely that the frog was trying to eat the spider and failed miserably.

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16. There's not a lot that makes sense about this gymnasium.

Reddit | JedMidnight

While it's understandable that some gyms will end up abandoned, that doesn't explain why someone decided to leave a bunch of toilets lying around inside of it.

We do know that it was apparently sponsored by GM, though.

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17. "A guy printed his face on a mannequin outside of his shop in Egypt."

Reddit | MohamedBone

Did this guy use a discount mannequin service? Because that is terrifying.

That said, it's doing its job to make his shop memorable.

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18. The scene depicted in this photo has been characterized as "indescribable" and it's not hard to see why that is.

Reddit | MetaPyro

We may not know why this guy in a skeleton mask is balancing a chair on his foot next to a bag of onions, but at least he's being very festive about it.

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19. "The stairs I have to take to leave work."

Reddit | BetterCallBread

Where the heck does this person work? Would it kill the place to put a light bulb at the bottom of the stairs?

Really, a light bulb would be cheaper than the costs of injuries or trauma caused from descending into this madness.

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20. If you eat a lot of rice or porridge for breakfast, having a cooker with a timer can make mornings a snap.

Reddit | RavenclawLampent

Just make sure you turn the kitchen light on before you see this smiley face from hell waiting to greet you.

This proves that color is important. This would look friendly in green.

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21. Based on the message behind this void-faced nuns, I'm guessing this was intentionally set up to scare us.

Reddit | mak-nil

While I usually avoid putting deliberately creepy efforts on these lists, I still have to admit that I wouldn't want to walk into this room.

By the way, it says, "We all float down here" if you can't tell.

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22. There was a period in the 1800s where it was totally normal to buy mummies from street sellers.

Reddit | lisino

Rich white people would host "unwrapping parties" and ground up mummies were used for all sorts of folk remedies and "medicine", as well as a brown pigment in art.

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23. This thing almost seems cute compared to the other sights we've seen.

Reddit | Multi-Skin

However, I guess I have to admit I wouldn't want a Jerusalem cricket in my house any more than the rest of them.

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24. This skull rock formation is often said to be in Indonesia.

Reddit | ArsenikShooter

Which is understandable, since it looks like something you'd find in a stereotypical Indiana Jones-style adventure.

But this is actually found in the Apostle Islands. Which still sounds tomb raider-y, but the islands are in Michigan.

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25. This looks like something out of the same adventure film as the skull rock.

Reddit | breathholding_nick

Or maybe a video game.

It's a real photograph, though, taken while freediving in the drainage shaft of an old slate quarry.

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26. This is a creepy coffin graveyard.

Reddit | mak-nil

You might say "hey, isn't every cemetery technically a coffin graveyard?"

Well, sort of. The coffins in a cemetery are usually performing the duty they were made for. These have been left empty and bereft of purpose.

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27. Crane games are pretty awful. Even if you get the claw in the right place, the thing isn't strong enough to lift anything.

Reddit | Caril_The_XII

So these games always seem to be full of out-of-date licensed characters and old plushies that have faded to a patchy gray wherever the fluorescent light shines on them.

Not this crane game, though. This crane game is full of balls and cigarettes.

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28. Redditor nememess labeled this pic "My extra eyes."

Reddit | nememess

So that's creepy on its own, but I have to ask: do you like to match the iris color to your mood?

I would think someone would want a false eye that matches their remaining one.

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29. "We are on 4 meters of bones, this is the illegal part of Paris Catacombs."

Reddit | SurrenderMonkey__

Yes, that's a person with a headlamp on in the distance. Because they felt the need to crawl over a mountain of bones.

You do you, dude.

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30. As far as I can tell, somebody dumped a whole bunch of fish on this floor and one is trying to eat its neighbor.

Reddit | Doyash

Whether it's the setting, the angle, or the way its mouth is swallowing its prey's whole face, however, there's something wrong with how it looks here.

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31. This is an old grave that's been forced up and open by a tree growing through it.

Reddit | Humorbot5000

Which is creepy, but also kind of cool.

Like, I'd be happy to know my body helped provided sustenance to a tree that's clearly growing strong.

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32. "Photo I took of an elk that didn’t turn out quite right."

Reddit | RedstoneCreeper8

Today's award for understatement goes to Redditor RedstoneCreeper8.

Even though they say it's an elk, I'm still struggling to see any sign of that in this creepy creature.

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33. This eyeball is indeed growing a hair out, but it might help to know that this isn't a common occurrence.

Reddit | jsran

Apparently, this eye has a tumor in it and that type of tumor is known for sprouting hairs on occasion.

Honestly, that makes this even worse.

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34. This, however, is happening for a much less medically concerning reason.

Reddit | davesewell

It turns out that if you accidentally sleep against your earbuds, they can make a surprisingly detailed impression.

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