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Man Gets Roasted Online For His Elf On The Shelf Proposal

Marilisa Racco 20 Dec 2019

It's no secret that most parents dread Elf on the Shelf season. I've heard many a story in which a mom was suddenly awoken from a deep slumber remembering that she failed to move the elf that day. So, it comes as little surprise that the internet would have strong feelings over this story of a man proposing to his girlfriend using the elf.

We're in prime marriage proposal season.


It's not entirely surprising that December is the most popular month for marriage proposals. (Full disclosure: I got engaged in December.) I mean, twinkly lights and festive decorations can make for a romantic combination.

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One man was especially taken with the spirit of Christmas when he planned his proposal.

He got really crafty and staged the Elf with a ring box that contained a heart-shaped diamond ring and a matching wedding band.

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It was featured on a Facebook page dedicated to dissing proposals and people didn't hold back their feelings.


Clearly, the Elf on the Shelf elicits ire from many people, because the photo is simply captioned, 'Uggggh lol,' and the reactions are savage.

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People took issue with both the creative idea behind the proposal as well as the Elf itself.

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'Anyone else find that elf creepy AF? Like get out of my house, satan,' commented one person.

'I’m scared of these little bastards,' commented another.

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But not all the comments were negative.

Unsplash | Ryan Hoffman

Some people came to the man's defense, saying the proposal was 'sweet' and that they loved the tie-in with the holidays.

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Regardless, she sure seemed stoked.

Giphy | TLC

Despite all the negativity surrounding the event (and the ring!), all that matters is that the woman was super excited and she said yes. Congratulations!

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