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9+ Creative Workplace Christmas Trees

Most of us love going all out when it comes to decorating our own home Christmas tree, right? Are you with me on that one? But things might be a little different once you get to the office.

A traditional Christmas tree may be a bit of a hazard depending on where you work. These workplaces took the holiday spirit and totally ran with it by creating the most appropriate trees for their surroundings.

1. This pizza box tree

Reddit | u/SpaceyEve

Wouldn't it be fun if every pizza joint you visited during the holiday season had their own cardboard pizza box tree that looked like this? Oh yes!

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2. This motherboard of a tree

Reddit | u/devperez

Talk about a totally geeked out tree. If you must know, it was made from scrap computer memory and hard drive parts.

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3. This book tree

Reddit | Botatitsbest

A public library in Sulęcin, Poland, created this awesome book tree for everybody that visits the library during the holidays to enjoy. Wow, impressive.

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4. This toilet paper roll tree

Reddit | u/Ziombel_444

This university made sure they put all those empty toilet paper rolls to good use by creating this really neat Christmas tree.

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5. This real-life dog tree

YouTube | KNGFGeleidehonden

OMG how adorable is this? Well, this real-life dog tree was put together by the Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation to showcase their pups.

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6. This confiscated items tree

Reddit | u/tkassam19

Whoa, talk about an unusual tree. I wonder what they will do with those items afterwards? What a cool reminder of what you can and can't take with you when you travel.

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7. This army tree

Reddit | u/jerm1820

My heart goes out to those soldiers that are stationed overseas during Christmastime. This is probably the only tree they will get to see.

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8. This lab gem


Why would you settle for a normal Christmas tree when this very lab-appropriate tree is so fun to look at?

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9. This ballet shoe tree


This tree made from hundreds of pairs of pointe shoes was displayed at the English National Opera in London Colisseum. Simply amazing!

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10. This biologist christmas tree

Reddit | u/Durpyturts

Oh my, I bet if you're a biologist or you work in a hospital you will totally appreciate the creativity that went into this tree.

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11. This latex glove tree

Reddit | u/pine_apple_pizza

And speaking of latex gloves, here's another incarnation of the idea. How pretty does it look in pink and white?

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12. The IT department tree

Reddit | u/Mr_MozZie

This is by far the most appropriate Christmas tree for the IT department. Don't you just hate those 404 errors?

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13. This mannequin Christmas tree

A local boutique made this awesome and creative mannequin Christmas tree. This is definitely a new cool trend.

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How refreshing to see these workplaces take the creative approach to the traditional Christmas tree.

Giphy | Eva Cremers

We need to see more of this everywhere. Don't you think?

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