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9+ Fashion Trends From The Past Decade We Won't Miss At All

Each decade has their own fashion trends that make it super memorable and iconic.

The '60s? Bell bottoms. The '80s? Big and puffy everything. The '90s? Butterfly clips and pastel.

So, what fashion trends marked the 2010s exactly? I'm dubbing this the Hodge Podge decade, and you're about to see why.

VSCO Trend

Instagram | @schultzzie

Tbh, I still don't really get what a VSCO girl is.

I mean, VSCO's been around since the top of the decade, but this trend of girls sporting scrunchies, Fjällräven backpacks, Hydro Flasks, 10 million bracelets, and sandals or Crocs with socks only took off during the very last year of the decade.

It's a hodge podge of old and new trends, but with a heavily contrasted and faded filter slapped on top.

I DON'T KNOW. I'm stressed.

Crop Everything

Instagram | @chrisspy

I sound like an old woman, I know.

And it's not that I despise cropped clothing — I wear it myself! But it would be nice to just have a top that you can tuck in enough that it won't spill out.

Just a few options is all I'm asking for.

Hipster Fashion


What's ironic about hipster fashion of the early 2010s is that its very roots of working against the cultural mainstream became exactly that: the cultural mainstream.

Beanies, man buns, beards and handlebar 'staches, cropped straight legged jeans, thick-rimmed glasses, polka dot sheer tights, loafers. You get the idea.

Baddie Fashion

Instagram | @taytay_xx

The "Instagram Baddie" took The Gram by storm around 2017. This trend consisted mainly of cropped athletic shirts and baggy pants, and a pout Tyra Banks would be more than proud of.

Another condition is that the Instagrammer must pose in an awkward squat position with one leg out.

I don't know, don't ask me!

Tiny Sunglasses

Instagram | @elle.est.elegante

Some people can really pull these off! Truthfully, I think 78% of wearing these glasses is your attitude.

I don't have the face, eye shape, or attitude to pull these off.

I'm all about the bug eyed sunglasses that cover my eyes, half my forehead, and dark circles.

High-low Dresses

Aline Bridal

I have to admit, the print on this is very pretty.

I also have to admit, I also was known to sport high-low dresses at the top of the decade. They were all the rage.

But if I could trade a new trend for this one, I would. And I'm going to. I don't know what it is yet, but I'm ready.

Chevron Print

Instagram | @gliksofficial

Chevron is seriously my arch nemesis. There was a point in like 2014 where patterns were all the rage, and this one just gets right under my skin!

Sorry to this chevron!

Wedge Platforms Booties


Yes, I owned a pair of these. Yes, they now quietly live in my mom's basement somewhere to be put in a museum of questionable fashion designs one day.

Forehead Handbands

Instagram | @hairlicious

So many of us did this, probably a product of the "scene queen" era of the mid to late 2000s.

I'll tell you, this style was no made for folks with thin and fine hair aka ME.

Teddy Bear Coat

Instagram | @kristincorpuz_

I'm not talking about any teddy bear coat.

I'm talking specifically about this I.AM.GIA one.

Once you wash this, goodbye soft coat!


Instagram | @billieeilish


That's all I have to say about THAT.


Instagram | @kyliejenner

From wearing First Nations headdresses and bindis at music festivals, to sporting box braids and cornrows, appropriation has got to go. It's just not cute, okay?!

Flower Crowns

YouTube | Lana Del Rey

Thank you, Lana Del Rey, for inspiring a movement of people who could not stop DIYing flower crowns.

I'm not talking about the cute little stringy ones from the '60s and '70s. I'm talking about a full-on flower wreath for your head.

From birthday parties, to weddings, to music festivals, this fashion accessory took summer days by storm.

Gladiator Sandals

Instagram | @wildindo

Big yikes, my friend.

The cropped versions are fine. They're cute and braided. But the ones that go all the way up the calves will sorely not be missed.

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