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'Mean Mug' Baby's Photo Shoot Goes Viral

Marilisa Racco 23 Dec 2019

Having a baby is a joyous occasion that many families like to commemorate by hiring a professional photographer to take snaps of their new bundle in their early days. Naturally, newborn photo shoots can yield varying results, but in the case of one Ohio family, the ensuing shots are downright hilarious.

When Justine Tuhy was commissioned to take pictures of three-week-old Luna Musa, the resulting photographs depict an adorable baby girl sporting an epic scowl.

Normally, newborns are asleep in their photos.


Justine, who specializes in wedding and newborn photography, says that the babies she photographs aren't usually so expressive.

"Typically they just sleep throughout the session," she told Today Parents.

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In fact, it's pretty hard to get them to do anything but sleep.

Unsplash | Hu Chen

"It's just luck if I can catch them smiling...Sometimes I can get them to smirk a little bit," Justine said.

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Luna started out asleep, but once she awoke, her expression was priceless.

Instagram | Justine Tuhy Photography

Although Luna slept throughout the set-up, when she awoke she was alert and made eye contact with Justine.

But her hilarious expression seemed to indicate she would have preferred to be elsewhere.

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Her mom says this is just her normal resting face.

Instagram | Justine Tuhy Photography

Luna's mom, Lori Musa, says her expression isn't an indication of anything, it's just her natural state.

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The family suspects that Luna isn't happy to have been kicked out of her mom's comfy womb.

Unsplash | Suhyeon Choi

"I remember when I first laid eyes on her after her birth, that was the face she was making," she said. "She was born via C-section at 41 weeks, so we assume she is annoyed she was evicted."

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Both of Luna's parents are tickled that their newborn's adorable scowl has reached viral fame.

Instagram | Justine Tuhy Photography

Luna's parents think it's hilarious that their daughter's "mean mug" has taken the internet by storm.

"To me, she looks like she is planning to take over the world," Lori said.

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The photographer says neither she nor Luna's parents did anything to inspire the newborn's now-viral look.

Instagram | Justine Tuhy Photography

Justine says Luna was very amenable to having her picture taken, and her resting face was not coaxed out of her.

"She was just wide awake, very content, just staring me down."

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Luna's hilarious photo shoot has gone viral and delighted people all over the internet.

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Justine shared the pictures to her Facebook page and people immediately reacted, proving that everyone loves a kid with attitude.

And apparently, Luna isn't alone in her 'mean mugging.' Many of the parents who commented also shared pictures of their own 'mean' babies.

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In spite of her expression, she's made so many people happy.

Giphy | AwesomenessTV

"It was her expression and her amazing face that everyone's loved, and I'm so glad that everyone has found joy in these photos," Justine said.

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