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Teacher Threatens To Exclude Kids From Class Party If They Don't Bring Food

Lex Gabrielle 24 Dec 2019

Right around the holiday season, most schools try to make things a bit special for their students. From winter shows to creative projects, teachers are always trying to make the holidays merry and bright.

Many times, this includes throwing holiday parties in class.

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Teachers often ask students to each bring in something to contribute to the party, so that there's enough food to go around and it's not coming directly out of their own pockets — seeing as much of their supplies do.

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All teachers have their own set of rules for class parties.

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Some teachers like to keep it small, while others make it a family event, inviting parents to join in on the fun.

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But, some teachers have rules that not everyone agrees with.

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Parents often disagree with certain policies, knowing that some children cannot control their circumstances and life.

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One mom shared the note she received from her daughter's teacher for a holiday party.

Facebook | Takaria Scott

Takaria Scott took to Facebook when she noticed a questionable phrase on a note sent to parents informing them of the class' upcoming holiday party.

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At first glance, the note seemed fairly routine.

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It informed parents of the date and time of the party, and asked them to write down what they planned on contributing as a snack.

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However, one phrase was bolded near the bottom of the note.

Facebook | Takaria Scott

Takaria posted the note, highlighting the phrase that stuck out to her as odd and not in the spirit of the holidays.

At the bottom of the letter, the teacher said:

“My philosophy is: if they don’t bring anything they don’t eat anything.”

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Takaria took this to mean that students who didn't bring any food, wouldn't be allowed to eat at the party.

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Given that it's not always possible for families to make a contribution, it seems like this philosophy was setting children up to be excluded.

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Takaria did not agree with the teacher's policy.

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She said: "Now for these kids to be between 6-7yrs this should not be a philosophy. Kids are kids man. This is definitely not acceptable in my eyes.”

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In fact, Takaria's Facebook post quickly went viral and racked up thousands of shares and comments.

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The teacher's note drew a lot of criticism from parents online and sparked some interesting conversations.

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Many people online were outraged by the note.

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Sometimes, kids come from single-parent households or low-income families — sometimes they cannot afford to bring in food for the class.

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Others said you shouldn't punish kids for a parent's mistakes.

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If a parent forgets or can't provide something, the kids shouldn't have to suffer.

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Many people said that it's easy for children to forget to bring their treats to class.

Facebook | Annadine Rendon

It's a simple mistake anyone can make — especially a six or seven-year-old child.

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Other believed the teacher could have phrased the note in a better way.

Facebook | Manasija Rath

Many teachers are already paying out of pocket for school supplies, so they might not have the funds to pay for extra party food. If that was the case, the teacher could have explained it to parents in a better way.

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Ultimately, many felt that children would be unfairly punished.

Facebook | Ann Barr

When they are this young, children don't fully have control over these situations or understand what's going on. Something like being left out of a party could be difficult for them to comprehend.

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Eventually, parents from the school and across the country complained about the note sent home, and the school issued a statement.

Facebook | Takaria Scott

The superintendent wrote: "We want our students to view school as a safe space. Our students should know when they come to school, that they are in an environment where they are nurtured by their teacher.”

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The letter made sure to detail that all students can participate in the party.

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"All students will participate and no students will be made to feel uncomfortable if they don’t bring refreshments,” the letter said.

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Takaria thanked all the parents who spoke out with her over the note.

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"Thanks [to] you all that reached out in this matter as well!!! It was handled!!!" she said in a Facebook update that accompanied the letter sent by the school administration.

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The power of Facebook is strong!

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Parents know that it's important to make sure all kids feel accepted, and it's nice to see parents sticking up for kids who aren't even their own.

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