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10+ Kids Who Had Hilarious Things To Say In 2019

Lex Gabrielle 27 Dec 2019

It's a well known fact that our kids truly do say the funniest things. But with the hustle and bustle of everyday responsibilities, we don't always catch the hilarity as soon as it escapes their lips. Thanks to Twitter, however, we have an endless supply of funny things other people's kids have said.

1. This kid who aged his babysitter 100 years.

@stfulol l Twitter

Imagine seeing Toy Story in black and white?

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2. This girl who doesn't understand food.

@maiseydavisonx l Twitter

Whoever sells potatoes in jackets, sign me up.

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3. This girl who should be careful what she wishes for.

@_molliebanks l Twitter

You never know who's going to send you something.

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4. This little girl who was not wrong.

@kngarou l Twitter

Clearly, Shrek should have 100% been included in The Bible.

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5. This 10-year-old boy who is a genius.

@JoeyDarcyy l Twitter

There's a way to get your parents to get you a dog.

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6. This nephew who is too sweet.

@andykesson l Twitter

I hope the chef did the best he could, too.

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7. This little boy who doesn't understand sports just yet.

@DanielGAlarcon l Twitter

Did he not realize all the kids were different every week?

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8. This little girl who just cares too much about Spiderman.

@smamylynn_ l Twitter

Parents, take notes.

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9. This boy who just doesn't get it.

@azedi l Twitter

Magic, kid. Magic.

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10. This boy who needs a better lawyer.


Case closed.

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11. This kid who's a realist.

@JafarNoAladdin l Twitter

He's not wrong.

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12. This kid who is in for it.

@TragicAllyHere l Twitter

No one is ever prepared for pre-teens.

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13. This girl who just wanted to see her poop.

@ynalu_UK l Twitter

Take your birth control immediately.

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14. This kid has pure logic.

@DrJessTaylor l Twitter

Scottish accents obviously change the name Dave. Of course.

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