15 Of The Most Savage 'Woman Yelling At Cat' Memes

Lex Gabrielle 27 Dec 2019

Across the web, people are pairing up images of a woman from the Real Housewives franchise yelling and pointing, with a rather annoyed-looking cat. The two seem to be embroiled in a dramatic argument, and random as it seems, it has turned into one of 2019's most savage and hilarious memes.

1. This politically-charged argument.

We're trying our best!

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2. This co-dependence kerfuffle.

Jealous of other people touching my baby? Always.

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3. This obvious difference of opinion.

Ouch...too real.

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4. This inability to agree to disagree.

Who did this?!?

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5. This problem that should really be taken up with the store clerk.

Someone fire them immediately.

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6. This contrast in early development.

Some of us had different childhoods.

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7. This elocution issue.

So sue me.

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8. This savage roast.

This one hurts.

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9. This east-west rivalry.

Pacific just sounds better.

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10. This unabashed taunting.

Don't judge me because of my dog.

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11. This pre-coffee issue.

Damn, why are you starting with me so early?

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12. This refusal to comply.

I know you can do it...Salem.

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13. This sheer unfairness.

It's always that one kid who gets screwed over.

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14. This 'oh no she didn't' moment.

You started it!

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15. This straight-up truth.

Best one yet.

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