7 New Year's Eve Memes That Prove Sleeping Is The New Partying

Marilisa Racco 27 Dec 2019

Remember when New Year's Eve meant planning a dazzling outfit, getting your hair, makeup, and nails done, and hoping you'd make it home in time for sunrise? Yeah, now you've got kids, so New Year's Eve really means one thing: fighting to stay awake until midnight.

When you already know what you're going to wear.


Because sweats are way more comfortable to fall asleep in than a sequined mini dress.

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When you have a master plan.

What they don't know, right?

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When you know yourself really well.

Twitter | @DomesticGoddss

Let's not kid ourselves.

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When you know you're still cool deep down inside.


You really, really are.

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When your JOMO is way more dominant than your FOMO.

Partying on New Year's Eve is so last decade.

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When you're not going to mince words.

Who says you can't sleep into the New Year?

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When your resolution is to be more honest.

You're no liar.

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