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15+ Things That Aren't Supposed To Happen That Way

Whenever we see a parallel or "bizarro" universe depicted in a work of fiction, the key to keeping them grounded in a way that doesn't totally lose the audience involves focusing on the constants and variables between them.

For instance, the bizarro world in the DC Universe also has a Superman. But rather than being an even-headed paragon of justice, he's a chaotic beast with a lot fewer smarts to work with than the one in the normal world.

But while this version of the idea leans heavily on the variables, the parallel universe in Futurama is all about the constants. Essentially, it's exactly the same except that everyone is dressed like cowboys in the "bizarro" one.

But while it's basically impossible to tell what a real parallel universe could look like, or if such places even exist, seeing them in fiction has at least given us some expectations of what they might look like.

And I say all of that to say that what we're about to see on this list probably wouldn't look out of place in them.

1. In Sweden, it's apparently not unheard of to have elevators that go to "half floors."

Reddit | miamariajoh

Sadly, none of these buttons will take you to Hogwarts, but they'll probably take you to mezzanine areas and balconies that are small enough to be considered "half floors."

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2. Not to worry, we're not looking at the scene of a daring theft at the Musical Instrument Museum.

Reddit | geniegnee

Instead, somebody with a sense of humor decided to set up an exhibit in honor of the air guitar. It's got a fancy case and everything!

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3. Although we can't see an air guitar, it's at least familiar to us. This, on the other hand? Not so much.

Reddit | -Universoul-

This is apparently a muffler guitar, as some experienced car enthusiasts have likely already pointed out.

Unfortunately, I wouldn't have the slightest idea what this instrument actually sounds like.

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4. As if it wasn't already hard enough to convince people they aren't living in the Matrix nowadays, these clouds haven't finished loading.

Reddit | iamfromprague

OK fine, what's actually happening is that one set of clouds is higher up than the other, which creates the illusion of this strange, low-res border between them.

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5. Considering how this looks, it wouldn't surprise me that much to hear that black metal bands secretly pick their names based on what they see in their oranges.

Reddit | Jakdracula

Unfortunately, I've never been very good at reading that font, so I'm only guessing when I say this one spells "Nefetus."

It's not a bad name, though.

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6. It's actually not hard to imagine a parallel universe using this instead of a stop sign.

Reddit | Zeeey

After all, everyone used to tell their horses "whoa" before cars were a thing, so it's not far-fetched that people would just decide to keep that going.

I wonder if everyone in this universe also answers their phones with "ahoy hoy" like the first users did. That's right, there's a reason Mr. Burns does that.

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7. As far as we know, there's a universe out there in which everyone's face looks like this.

Reddit | DenseLoafOfMeat

Until we make contact with it, however, we'll just have to admire the skills of the artist who made this makeup look so realistic.

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8. It's not a good idea to paint your cat, and fortunately, that isn't what happened here.

Reddit | YeetedHypermeme

Instead, light shone through a stained glass window and made this cat look like it belongs on some distant alien planet.

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9. Since real landscapes are rarely this colorful, you'd be forgiven for thinking this was an ice level in a video game.

Reddit | DelfElf

However, this actually exists and can apparently be found in the Patagonia region of South America.

Specifically, we're looking at the Marble Caves in Chile.

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10. Those who live in colder places can tell you that frost gets onto pretty much anything, but that "pretty much" is more inclusive than you might think.

Reddit | Coffee4MySoul

For instance, here we see some of it building up on a strand of hair that ended up stuck on this branch.

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11. I wish I could tell you more about what's going on here, but I don't know much myself.

Reddit | lambdafunction

We're just going to have to accept that someone was clever enough to put a sprinkler in a bed of sprinkles and make do with no additional context.

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12. Trees will grow around anything that ends up next to them, but it's still mind-boggling to consider how slowly it does this.

Reddit | Nicholasrymer

For instance, this bike was left here by a kid in 1954 and we can still see most of it peeking out of its new home.

Meanwhile, that kid likely has grandchildren by now.

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13. Apparently, this is just what one Starbucks barista thought their customer's name was.

Reddit | lafosso1

That said, I am kind of amused at the idea of a universe where service employees are this open about spitting in your drink when they don't like you.

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14. We know tree roots are large and can get anywhere, but it's still weird to seem them follow such a specific path.

Reddit | Fofrizzle

It's almost like the tree somehow realized how much trouble it'll be in if a car runs into its roots.

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15. It's hard to more clearly mark who a parking spot is intended for than this.

Reddit | pdx619

I'm not sure why or how someone got the idea to turn a common marking into a strange wheelchair ouroboros, but people will definitely have a hard time claiming they didn't see it.

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16. Despite how it may seem, this woman didn't just wake up with a bunch of mysterious letters on her hand.

Reddit | mixmasterdapper

In reality, they flaked off from one of her cosmetics bottles and ended up covering her in tiny nonsense words like "jouj" there.

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17. This creature isn't the result of a Photoshop job, but it's so rare that it's hard to blame you for thinking that.

Reddit | Glitch27

This is a fanged mouse deer and until November of 2019, one hadn't been sighted on earth since 1990.

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18. This looks more like some kind of craft project than anything you'd spot in the wild, but it's totally natural.

Reddit | Natural_Noot_Plate

Specifically, it's a shark egg and the bizarre screw shape allows it to stay embedded in the sea bed.

Most sharks give live births, however.

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19. It's not too surprising when people look at this tree and think there's some kind of monster lurking inside of it.

Reddit | noblinkin

As far as we can tell, the wood just happened to wear down in such a way that it resembles a monster face, but I still don't blame you if you don't want to stand too close to it.

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20. Everybody's broken a plate at least once in their lives, but it usually didn't turn out like this.

Reddit | mmay_a

Honestly, there's something oddly satisfying about how evenly it broke into these pizza-like slices.

I'm still not sure there's any use for these pieces, though.

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21. Climate change: it's old news.

Reddit | suspect309

With an impending climate disaster seeming more and more likely with every passing day, it's easy to see the climate crisis as a new concern. But this newspaper article from 1912 shows that we knew more than a century ago.

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22. Do what you love, and you'll never work a day in your life.

Reddit | rossi1146

This nine-year-old was always getting in trouble at school for doodling in class. Somehow — I have no idea how — he turned this illicit activity into a job by doodling at a local restaurant.

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23. Don't mess with Finns.

Reddit | [deleted]

Apparently, if you earn a PhD in Finland, you get more than a piece of paper. You also get a top hat and a sword. Long story short: if you meet a Finnish doctor, they probably own a sword.

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24. This bottle tells you how to make a molotov cocktail.

Reddit | DoWidzenya

Glass Coke bottles like this are reused as many times as possible. During a period of censorship by an authoritarian government in Brazil, protesters began writing revolutionary messages on Coke bottles. Because they used white ink, the people at the bottling plant didn't notice.

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25. What is this, a screw for giants?

Reddit | smokeymctokerson

What would appear to be a giant novelty screw for use in a prop comedy routine is actually a giant, non-novelty screw for use in mounting solar panels. The more you know.

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26. Make sure you read the label carefully.

Reddit | HellSpawn61671

I don't know why someone would put whisky in a can that looks like it contains paint thinner, or put soap in a bottle that looks like it contains gin, but here we are.

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27. Toucan Sam is persona non grata here.

Reddit | p1loot_

In Chile, cereal manufacturers aren't allowed to put cartoon mascots on their boxes. That means that Count Chocula, Toucan Sam, Tony the Tiger and all of their friends are totally unknown to Chilean kids.

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28. The lightbender shows off their stuff.

Reddit | cashmo

Behind this door is a bathroom which has four separate lightbulbs. When the door is closed almost, but not quite, all the way, the beam of light separates into four individual beams.

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29. Lotta history in that hole.

Reddit | TwoSquareClocks

In western Europe, history is everywhere. That's why the family living at this modern house in Cornwall in the United Kingdom probably weren't too surprised to find that their house sat atop a medieval mineshaft.

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30. When walls respect trees.

Reddit | reverendrambo

My first thought was that this tree had somehow caused this wall to melt. Then I took a sip of coffee and realized that the wall was built that way from the beginning.

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31. When traffic lights get into the holiday spirit.

Reddit | IHadAUsernameCrisis

I don't know whether this traffic light tree is a holiday display, an art exhibit, or some kind of freaky, happy accident. Whatever the case, it's weird to see traffic lights all clustered together like this.

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32. Medieval tech goes digital.

Reddit | Brizzo7

This 3D-printed sundial might be ugly to look at, but the way that it projects the time in a "digital" shadow is pure wizardry. Does this mean that they could have had digital clocks thousands of years ago?

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33. I've had enough of these !@#$ horses on this !@#$ plane!

Reddit | LightOfAntara

It stands to reason that there are occasions where it makes sense to fly horses from place to place. That doesn't mean that it looks normal to see a jumbo jet that's full of horses, though.

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34. Someone at the fork factory got fired for that one.

Reddit | douglass_wildride

You know, so long as it has pointy, stabby bits, a fork is a fork. But when a fork doesn't have this capability, it really isn't good for anything at all.

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35. Make a wish, you've been blessed by the extra-long marshmallow.

Reddit | Michellehas2ls

Seeing things like this extra-long mini marshmallow can be reassuring. It shows us all that, in our highly automated and mechanized world, weird one-offs are still totally possible.

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