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10+ Gorgeous Botanical Tattoos To Inspire Your Next Piece

Lex Gabrielle 2 Jan 2020

More often today people are using their bodies as canvases for artists' gorgeous tattoo pieces. If you're looking for something subtle and feminine, some of these botanical designs may be the perfect inspiration for your next tattoo.

1. This beautiful golden rose.

So realistic.

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2. This grevillea flower.


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3. This lavender blooming.

Can you tell the difference? I can't.

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4. This religious take on flowers.

Simple and delicate.

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5. This subtle and delicate flower.

Perfect for those looking for something small.

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6. This tulip waiting to blossom.

So much meaning behind this!

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7. These cherry blossoms.

Spring has sprung!

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8. This simple lotus flower.

They grow from the mud. So symbolic.

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9. These detailed flowers.

Love that line work.

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10. This adorable daisy.


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11. These tiny beauties.

So feminine.

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12. This palm leaf that is so vibrant.

Those colors truly pop.

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13. This orchid piece.

I love those colors!

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14. This simple sunflower.


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15. This extremely realistic leaf.


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