15+ Revealing Pics That Prove You Haven't Seen It All

Nowadays, it's fair to say that most of us are pretty online. And in our daily quest to amuse our boredom, we've come across a lot that our world has to offer.

Naturally, this quest will bring us to some places we regret going and expose us to things we really didn't want to see. Those grisly sights are likely few and far between compared to the other sights we've absorbed, but they do a lot to give us the grizzled impression that we've seen it all.

As much as I'd hate to burst your worldly bubble, however, I'm afraid that you probably haven't. That said, I'll humbly stand corrected if you've somehow already seen everything on this list.

1. Seeing this photo makes all those times we couldn't get the ax to stick in the wood so much worse.

Reddit | Fliggerty

Don't ask me how, but someone managed to to embed the handle in this board when they went ax-throwing.

I can only wonder how strong they are.

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2. Despite how purposefully sculpted this looks, somebody just happened upon this ice formation in the wilderness.

Reddit | rn2810

I always found clear pieces of ice like this oddly satisfying as a kid, but I never came across anything with such a clearly defined crescent in it.

It's so cool!

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3. It's almost hard to notice the astronaut in this massive picture of the earth, but he's making history in the most intense way possible.

Reddit | TacoPvP

That's because Bruce McCandless II here is the first astronaut to float without being secured to his space shuttle like this.

If it weren't for the Manned Maneuvering suit attached to his suit that lets him control his movement, we may have never seen him again.

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4. This giant cactus almost seems unreal, but this bizarre tiptoeing pose just happens to be the way it grew.

Reddit | wcproaz

Unfortunately, if you were to head to this location in Phoenix, Arizona, you probably wouldn't see it standing anymore.

Apparently, it was toppled by a storm since this photo was taken.

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5. This red sun looks pretty ominous, and that's likely how it feels for the people with a firsthand view of it.

Reddit | ciderswiller

Although this photo was taken in New Zealand, the strange coloration of the sky that affected the sun's hue here was caused by the fires ravaging Australia right now.

So for those nearby, it serves as a grim reminder of what's happening to their neighbors.

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6. Out of context, this view of the sky could definitely throw people for a loop.

Reddit | empty_talks

But we don't have Photoshop or aliens to blame for this unusual sight. Instead, it's simply the reflection in the window of the building that the photographer is standing in.

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7. This beautiful blue lobster is about as dazzling as it is rare.

Reddit | Neil_McGinnis

According to the BBC, the current estimate is that this lobster has about a one-in-two million chance of appearing.

As for why it looks like this? It seems that a certain genetic mutation leads to it producing more of one of its proteins than usual, which crowds out the other proteins responsible for its usual brownish look.

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8. It looks like some leaves on this tree have a vastly different experience of this season than the others.

Reddit | baggarbilla

And since the ones closest to this street light remain bright green while the other remaining leaves are brown and shriveling, it's hard not to point to that light as the cause for this big difference.

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9. Caterpillars can have all sorts of interesting markings on them, but these ones definitely stand out from the rest.

Reddit | Littlebird1213

Although this is purely by coincidence as it's unlikely that a forest tent caterpillar would even meet a penguin, it's hard not to picture these guys as having little penguin images all over their bodies.

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10. It's best to stay away from this island, as it's not the winter wonderland it seems.


I'm sorry to tell you, but this white stuff isn't snow at all. Instead, it's the collective poop of an untold number of cormorant birds.

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11. This seems like an intricate cup or a pipe, but in reality, it is neither.

Reddit | PharoahNATO

Instead, we're looking at a piece of vertebrae from an exotic fish. It's hard to tell exactly what kind it's from, but it could be either part of a Mozambique Tilapia or an Orangemouth Corvina.

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12. This is a sandfall and it actually has more in common with a waterfall than you might expect.

Reddit | Lowcrbnaman

According to Snopes, these "sandfalls" near Riyadh, Saudi Arabia are the result of dry riverbeds flooding after heavy rains.

Because these waterways are normally caked in dry sand, the resulting waterfalls appear as "sandfalls."

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13. For some reason, this deck of cards has a "zero" card.

Reddit | blackbeanavocado

As far as anyone can tell, there aren't any games that would have any use for a such a card.

So we can either chalk this up to a curious mechanical error or some manufacturer's secret prank.

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14. It's hard to imagine the experience of driving through a massive snow corridor like this one in Japan.

Reddit | HellsJuggernaut

On one hand, it's probably really cool to have such a unique perspective as you putt putt along. On the other hand, it looks very easy to get nervous about one of these "walls" collapsing.

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15. We've seen icicles take on some gnarly shapes, but only under very specific circumstances could they turn out as weird as these ones.

Reddit | peter-bone

Apparently, when this branch bent down from the weight of the ice on it, it led the icicles to grow in this oddly curvy fashion.

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16. As much as this seems like a quest marker in a video game, I wouldn't count on anything happening when you stand here.

Reddit | ferocious_futile

Unfortunately, it turns out that this seemingly mystical design is just the result of sunlight hitting a manhole cover from a strange angle.

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17. This beach in the Maldives is known for this radiant glow when night falls.

Reddit | jpurvisturton

Although bioluminescent phytoplankton are often credited for this lovely shimmer, Cornell biology professor James Morin told HuffPost that ostracod crustaceans are likely responsible since they glow for much longer.

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18. It would appear that somebody came across an incredibly pretty rock in their travels, but that's not quite what we're looking at.

Reddit | BarnesWorthy

Instead, this is actually a very elaborate bar of soap. Unfortunately, they couldn't say where the rest of us can find it because they received it as a kid.

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19. As wild as it is to consider, both of these plants are corn.

Reddit | Thiccbegs

As you can see, there's a world of difference between wild corn and the kind that humans have selectively bred to be delicious.

If you look into it further, you'll find that the same goes for bananas, watermelons, carrots, and especially almonds. Don't eat wild almonds; they're poisonous.

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20. We all have to bundle up when it gets colder, and that's just as true for arctic hares.

Reddit | scavenger91130

It's for that reason that they almost seem like the plush toy version of themselves when they're at rest.

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