16+ Times People Had An Idea And Made It Happen

Ryan Ford 2 Jan 2020

You never know what can come from a simple idea. Maybe you'll make someone's day better, or maybe their whole life will improve from it. That's why you have to hold on to your visions and try to make them a reality. Just check out some of the cool, odd, fun, amazing things that can happen!

1. A restaurant installed an angled mirror so patrons can watch the chefs' talented hands make their meals.

Reddit | DrawThatRedstone

Not sure how the chefs feel about it, but it's pretty entertaining and definitely more cost effective than installing televisions.

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2. Re-purposing an old Rolls Royce for a dealership's reception desk is certainly a stylish way to go.

Reddit | DoubleCR

Even if it's not a Rolls Royce dealership — there's a certain aspirational aspect to it, if not an homage to one of the greats.

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3. Mesh pockets in a shower curtain is an unusual solution to the problem of where to store all the stuff that usually lives along the tub edges.

Reddit | Burgersmasterm

The fact that they're mesh should help air flow so less mildew will build up, but I'd still want to clean it regularly. Interesting idea though.

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4. Instead of page numbers, this book shows you what percentage of it you've read so far.

Reddit | FurryloverOwO

Hey, it's still functional for remembering your place when you take a break, with the added bonus of acting like a progress bar for uploading the book to your brain.

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5. Put together this deck of playing cards in the right order, and you get a map.

Reddit | DoggololYT

You know, as neat an idea as it sounds — can't you see a treasure map in a kids' movie being hidden like this? — it would probably be a pain to actually play any games with this deck.

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6. Somebody made themselves a tissue holder where the tissues look like smoke coming out of a chimney.

Reddit | Teh-Leviathan

Would it be a pain to reload? Probably. Would it be worth it? For this quaint and clever touch of decor, definitely.

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7. A bar lined the wall of its bathroom with cassette tapes.

Reddit | Owlaholic

There's a good joke about bathroom acoustics around here somewhere. Anyway, they must be cheaper than ceramic, with the bonus of messing up people of a certain age, who would feel the need to stick a pencil in them and start winding.

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8. You have to have a certain amount of respect for someone so committed to modeling their RV after a pirate ship.

Reddit | Dandan419

I guess if you're going to drive something that handles like an ocean-going vessel, you may as well indulge your nautical side. Now I want to know if they're ever tempted to board other RVs they encounter on the roads, too.

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9. Big time credit to the person who made this Mandalorian/Baby Yoda snowflake.

Reddit | PharaohPir8

That's some Jedi mastery of paper cutting skills right there. Super impressive.

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10. I guess if you're going to crochet a lace doily around a saltine, you may as well frame it and put it under glass.

Reddit | The_Stickers

You have to admit, it takes some kind of vision to come up with the idea to do this, and even more spirit to bring it to life — and it's very well done.

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11. This gas station shows the price of milk on its sign, as well as the price of gas and diesel.

Reddit | Southbamaboy

Now that's a gas station that knows its customers, and most likely listens to them.

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12. The idea here is pretty clear: to not carry heavy things upstairs.

Reddit | Proteus2007

So they installed a hook-and-pulley system to the balcony, perfect for getting things like loads of groceries into the house.

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13. An art gallery put in Braille representations of the artwork on display for blind patrons to enjoy.

Reddit | sushicowboyshow

For example, this display depicts Gustav Klimt's The Kiss. It's always cool when things are made more accessible and inclusive.

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14. This dispenser can pour seven cups of wine at once.

Reddit | ZorkfromOrk

Or any other beverage, I suppose. Was this designed by a weary sommelier? I have no idea, but it's definitely a time-saver at dinner parties.

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15. So, someone made a full-body costume of Bert from Sesame Street.

Reddit | kate9871

Sorry folks, if I had to see this, so did you.

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16. A bar installed a TV in a single-occupant bathroom.

Reddit | tallsteve15

The biggest problem I can see with this bathroom would be getting people to leave. It's way too cozy. This bar should not, under any circumstances, start delivering beer and wings to the bathroom.

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17. The makers of this re-usable diaper included a "For worst results" blurb on the tag.

Reddit | Moose4787

Hey, considering what you're going to be using it for, and how often you'll be washing it, you'll want as much of a giggle as you can get.

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18. Wearable cushions almost sound like a dream at times.

Reddit | ThisIsTrix

I'm all for comfort — heck, I'm all about comfort — but these seem highly specific. Maybe this idea isn't quite ready to happen yet. It's promising though!

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19. A coin, but with just the design and none of the backing.

Reddit | Klipse11

If only these were practical for everyday use! Gorgeous work, and this must be so much lighter than a regular coin.

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20. Because hill climbing is the absolute worst part of riding a bike, someone built a bike escalator.

Reddit | Palifaith

Kind of like a T-bar at the ski hill, but for cyclists. Apparently this is in Norway, which is home to some doozy hills, so I'm sure it's a welcome sight to tired legs.

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21. I don't know who had the idea to make a large replica of a Star Wars AT-AT walker from yarn, but here it is.

Reddit | n8Squatch

The Empire's softer, cuddlier side really comes through here. Nothing takes the menace out of something like yarn!

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22. No, this building hasn't been drawn in Roger Rabbit style.


It's painted up to look like it's an animation background. Someone is very committed to a certain aesthetic, that's for sure.

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23. Is there any more noble way to honor the history of space exploration than to make a pizza cutter based on Voyager's golden record?

Reddit | Bismuth81

If there is, I can't think of it. Still better than Star Trek: The Motion Picture, too.

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24. The idea here must have been conservation, which is always an admirable goal.

Reddit | reverendrambo

And designing and building a wall to accommodate a tree is definitely a way to put your money where your mouth is if you're a conservationist.

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25. If you want to build a wooden bike frame, you just do it.

Reddit | wood_nich

It's a good design, but you also have to wonder if the builder was looking for an endorsement from a certain shoe manufacturer.

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26. Yeah, I guess cranes do look a bit like giraffes.

Reddit | sidc94

Maybe it's because this doesn't seem like the most likely spot to find whimsy, but I really like the creativity that went into this.

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27. A museum for musical instruments decided to include an air guitar in its display.

Reddit | geniegnee

Is it just me, or are museums increasingly trying to banish their reputation for being stuffy, dour, overly serious places and introduce some elements of fun?

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28. Finally, someone painted accordion artwork around the bendy part of an extended bus.

Reddit | rum_dogg

It was so obvious, and yet I had never seen anyone actually do it before. So, thanks to whatever advertiser made it happen at last.

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29. Banana comb? Tired. T. rex comb? Wired.

Reddit | ridleywithpitsvoice

In the rock-paper-scissors game of life, dinosaurs always beat fruit. I don't make the rules.

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30. Retailers take note: this grocery store points out where lost spouses should go to re-connect.

Reddit | TheRoofIsNotMyChild

Is it any surprise that it's the cookie aisle where you go to find your sweetie? Seriously though, I can't tell you how much time I've wasted wandering the aisles after splitting up to cover more ground. This would be welcome at my local grocer.

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31. "A tiny wallet my dad made, complete with credit cards," wrote the uploader.

Reddit | Ultra9TMB

Why? Well, it was never explained, but you have to think there's an epic dad joke punchline just waiting around the corner.

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32. Even if this doesn't sell more coffee, it's still great.

Reddit | Animer13

See? Dad jokes. Whoever set this up is either a dad or is ready to be a dad. That's all you need.

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33. Bangkok, Thailand is home to a building that looks like a robot.

Reddit | Sluice_Mountain

You'd think some kind of tech company would have put it up, but nope, it's home to a bank. And yes, it's generally known as the Robot Building, and it's based on a toy the architect's son was playing with when he was looking for inspiration.

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34. More 3D-printing magic, this is a clip for a flour bag that includes a pouring spout and cap.

Reddit | Flomar76

Although this was a personal project by a teenager for his mom, it's easy to see where these might be popular in stores, too.

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35. Fastest puzzle-solve in the west.

Reddit | Ken_LolGamer

Can we get a slow clap of appreciation for this ingenious shortcut? I mean, I never would have thought of it.

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36. This isn't just an idea anymore — it's a tradition.

Reddit | GeorgieWashington

Every year this guy gets a new shirt based on the year's previous shirt from his brother. Six years running now, and they're all amazing.

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37. Um, what? A turtle human?

Reddit | Frogman7

Only in Japan could such an concept not only spawn illustrations, but a whole guide. Folks, not every idea needs to happen.

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38. I can honestly say I've never seen anyone eat a banana like this before.

Reddit | MissingHoney

And to a degree, it does make some sense. It's a clean, measured approach, using the peel as its own plate, which is pretty clever.

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39. This bodega has bowling lane flooring in its aisles.

Reddit | okithurts

Was it a bowling alley before it was a bodega? Do the staff use the lanes for impromptu games when the store is closed? So many questions, but I like it.

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40. A new twist on a classic sees VW Beetle fenders turned into motorbikes.

Reddit | d3333p7

They don't look terribly comfortable to ride, but hey, as show pieces, they're terrific.

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41. Someone decided to memorialize their dead pet spider by having her coated in copper.

Reddit | 8URCAT

Her abdomen was replaced with crystal, too. Who knew this was even a thing that could be done?

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42. These bins that let smokers cast votes with their cigarette butts are great.

Reddit | StPaddy22

Anything to encourage smokers to put their butts in a proper receptacle instead of on the streets is a great idea.

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43. Someone who must have had some spare time on their hands made a tower out of sections from mandarin oranges.

Reddit | butherfinger89

See, playing with your food can actually lead to a mild amount of appreciation from strangers on the internet.

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44. Reduce, reuse, recycle, right?

Reddit | rhavek

This Mexican restaurant doesn't throw out old Patrón bottles. Instead, they fill them up with some particularly pink soap and place them in the bathrooms.

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45. No, this isn't just another plastic cup.

Reddit | JhonnyTheJeccer

This is a porcelain mug that has been designed to look like a dented plastic cup. Why? Why not?

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46. I'm sure this made for a long, though definitely worthwhile day at the beach.

Reddit | sweatyrando

Someone made a sand version of the Millenium Falcon from Star Wars, complete with little pebbles for some added dimension. Truly a thing of beauty.

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47. Why would an elevator ever need to display negative floor buttons?

Reddit | smissingham

Well, this particular elevator can be found inside a hotel that descends down the side of a cliff, so negative floors are definitely accurate.

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48. This vending machine in Switzerland exclusively sells cheese.

Reddit | UrbexirZurich

Hey, as long as it's refrigerated and the people who stock it keep a close eye on expiry dates, I'm on board.

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49. This is definitely... something... right?

Reddit | ThatBandYouLike

Or are we all just looking at a raw hot dog someone decided to tie to a string and hang off some stairs?

Whatever the case, someone made something happen on this day and we applaud them for following their weird little heart.

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50. This city has blue lights that will turn on when emergency vehicles are near.

Reddit | bsparks027

I would definitely appreciate something like this in my own town, because too often I don't notice an approaching emergency vehicle until it's basically right behind me, especially if my radio is blasting and I can't hear the sirens.

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51. This library carpet is made up of little pieces of book pages.

Reddit | burgersandchips2

I think this is a great idea, as long as the tiny pieces weren't ripped out of actual books that are now on the shelves missing some valuable bits of their pages.

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52. Behold, a remarkably skinny building in London, England.

Reddit | DubbleyBubbley

This is pretty interesting to look at, although I do hope its architect thought about the whole "wind" dilemma. One strong breeze and that whole thing looks like it would come right down.

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53. Never pull the wrong cord again with these helpful strings.

Reddit | coreythegreyt

While not necessarily aesthetically pleasing, it would definitely be nice to not have to try and guess which cord will turn on the light and which one will start up the fan blades every time you want a little air circulation.

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54. "My mom painted this outlet to match the rocks," wrote the uploader of this pic.

Reddit | newherel

And she sure paid attention to detail when she did it. That's an almost dangerous level of camouflage.

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55. Okay, this is crazy cool.

Reddit | Brizzo7

It's a 3D-printed sundial that displays the time in its shadow. Straight-up sorcery.

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