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Ryan Reynolds' Ugly Christmas Sweater Helps Raise Over $300k For SickKids Charity

Rae Batchelor 3 Jan 2020

Ryan Reynolds made some children's Christmases extra special this year, and it was all thanks to one hideous Christmas sweater and some dedicated work from his fans.

You might remember the sweater in question from Ryan's Instagram last year.

Sharing a couple photos of him in an ugly Christmas sweater next to a laughing Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan wrote, "These [expletive] assholes told me it was a sweater party."

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This year, the sweater made a triumphant return for a great cause.

Ryan shared an animated video of the sweater being picked for a holiday party where the wearer was teased for it (sound familiar?) but eventually explains that Ryan had pledged to match all donations to the SickKids charity until Christmas.

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The idea was a huge success.

Other actors like Hugh Jackman and athletes like hockey player Austin Matthews also got involved, pledging to match donations for the charity, which focuses on issues surrounding children's health.

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SickKids announced that by Christmas Eve, over $300k had been raised in donations.

That definitely must've made a lot of those kids very happy on a very special day!

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"What a way to begin 2020," Ryan tweeted about the money raised.

He even closed off his tweet with "#SuperheroSweater" which just goes to show that Ryan will always find a way to get the last laugh and support a good cause at the same time.

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