16+ Hilarious Things Spotted Out In The Wild

It stands to reason that some of the most memorable moments in our lives will happen where we spend the most time. So if we spend most of our time at work or at home, that's where we're likely to experience life's more chaotic aspects.

It also stands to reason that unless we decide to share these experiences with the world, chances are good that nobody outside of those places will ever hear about them.

But no matter how much time we spend out in the world at large, it's never entirely impossible that one of the most noteworthy parts of our day will happen in the wild. After all, the more people there are in one place, the more opportunities there are for them to interact in strange ways.

1. Call me crazy, but I can't say this restaurant's decor makes me too comfortable about the food here.

Reddit | brad__staple721

If the owners made sure to put toilets down before the customers so much as smell their orders, I can only imagine how much our digestive systems will scream when it's actually time to eat.

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2. For some reason, I find the idea of Jigsaw's doll riding around on a big wheel more funny than intimidating.

Reddit | seven_critical_blows

I guess it's hard to feel too threatened when you realize how awkwardly this guy would have to get up before he could hope to attack me.

Now he's playing my game.

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3. For some cities, it's not unusual to see people riding horses down the street.

Reddit | TakaonoGaijin

However, the real bewildering fun comes from the backstory of this picture.

Apparently, less than 36 hours after he started visiting Moscow, this guy somehow ended up with a horse to go on bizarre adventures with.

The man works fast, I'll give him that.

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4. Winter can be an unpleasant adjustment for a lot of us, but it seems to really suck for this gargoyle.

Reddit | Pedrica1

I'm far from what you would call a morning person, but at least I don't have barf up a giant icicle every time I get out of bed.

Considering how many places in the world don't get snow, this guy must feel seriously ripped off.

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5. Sometimes, we have to swallow our pride and realize that we're gonna need a bigger truck.

Reddit | Zlatehagoat

After all, nobody wants to be the reason why the road has a massive, car-shaped gash in it, right?

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6. Yeah, I can't say I'm too surprised that this playground doesn't seem all that popular with the kids.

Reddit | Stewie_Griffin112

Because even the ones who are too young to shake their heads at the placement of this slide like we're doing right now probably don't feel too comfortable around this giant's intense grimace.

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7. Well, it's nice to see something in the wild that's funny on purpose for a change.

Reddit | BartKing

Normally, the crow bar pun would be a smile at best, but the artist's commitment to the bit is what really shines here.

My favorite part is the rough night that crow on the left is having.

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8. It's up to you as to whether this bizarre display is mildly amusing or slightly creepy, but you might as well make what you can of it since we're not getting an explanation.

Reddit | skippyuber

That said, I absolutely love someone's theory that the city removed a bike that had been chained to this post for a long time and someone immediately put three more in its place.

I want to believe in that level of pettiness.

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9. Considering that there's a jedi in the background, this snail-riding gnome probably isn't as out of place as he seems.

Reddit | GloomFruit

Not only that, but he taught me something interesting. Apparently, snails are actually known to eat carrots.

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10. Aww, this doggo is the perfect breed to express how disappointed it is with this predicament.

Reddit | northead

If this is a mail slot that borrows from typical doggy door design, then it's no surprise that so many dogs get really aggressive when the mail truck shows up.

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11. I'm also the type of person who always wants to know what time it is, but this seems like it comes at a pretty big cost.

Reddit | KevlarYarmulke

After all, if there's one thing I know about those big wall clocks, it's that they don't exactly make 'em light.

Seriously, how bad was this person's last encounter with a watch?

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12. The beauty of this metaphor is that it works whether you want politicians to keep their promises or want.

Reddit | lg_3000

If you don't, then the promise itself belongs in here because it's crap. And if you do and it never happens, then the promise was merely full of crap.

It's an important distinction.

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13. Either somebody has a very exotic pet or this house has a uninvited guest that'll be a real noodle scratcher for animal control.

Reddit | seven_critical_blows

Still, I suppose I'd rather have a mountain lion in my house than termites. I'll give it credit for not reveling quite so much in the misery it causes me.

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14. For anyone thinking that anything goes in Russia, this photo should serve as a valuable teaching tool.

Reddit | DetectiveWr25

You may be able to hang out with your pet bear or get a little crazy with military hardware, but they better not catch you driving your bathtub down the street.

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15. I feel like a lot of us have the same facial expression as the man on the bench right now.

Reddit | EthosPaladin

Maybe it's the setting that's throwing off some of the weird vibes here, but I don't entirely trust the expression on that panda suit's face for some reason.

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16. When we think of weird vending machines, we usually think of Japan — for legitimate reasons.

Reddit | Fuzzyhase

But this particular vending machine was found in Germany, where apparently you can give into your Schnitzel cravings 24/7.

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17. Well, this is one way to keep the Jehovah's Witnesses from knocking again.

Reddit | roguecrossbow

I feel for them. Knocking on random doors, knowing that there is a high chance of being told off, takes a lot of courage.

But at the same time, interrupting my afternoon nap to introduce me to my lord and savior is not going to make me very accepting.

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18. On one hand, it's always a little sad to see someone trying to use a see-saw alone.

Reddit | ApeCommando

But on the other hand, I've got to hand it to this guy for his ingenuity. It's good to know that Frosty's bottom part was good for something.

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19. Well, this is one way for a police officer to get down to window-level.

Reddit | The_Dark_One01

While I give the guy props for squatting so low in tight pants, I can't help but be distracted by the car's wheels. Apparently they are "cambered tires" and actually look that way on purpose.

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20. If I had as much confidence as this bird, I could probably rule the world.

Reddit | Pedrica1

The best part is that it seems to know perfectly well that this statue isn't going to hammer it, but there's no way that it actually knows why.

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21. "First day of snow in my city, I look out and this is what I see."

Reddit | Minimentoss

Those guys seem very proud of their artistic achievement. It's definitely most interesting — and funnier — than a snow angel.

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22. Judging by the note, either the kid or the parents were very clear about how orange it needed to be.

Reddit | eatabigdonkeydick

To be fair, I'm in my 30s and still think of the bright orange boxed stuff when mac and cheese is mentioned.

Ever since they changes to "natural colors", it just feels wrong.

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23. I think more things should just carry a warning about avoiding incompetent people, but the choice of examples annoys me here.

Reddit | longfartisart

That said, a couple of pregnant and formerly-pregnant women chimed in to say that they really did feel braindead while pregnant, so perhaps the warning is apt.

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24. Psst... I don't think your product works very well...

Reddit | MrMeaner50

Part of me wants to find the product page for this and upload the pic under the customer reviews section.

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25. It's common courtesy to tell another driver that their gas tank is open.

Reddit | pattylove210

I mean, I definitely appreciated it the few times I drove away from the station and forgot to close it.

But I feel like the time it would take to find/make and apply the stickers would be about the same time it would take to just fix the issue.

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26. Usually, I find sign vandalism pretty boring. It's always just turning things into lame sex jokes.

Reddit | FruityMento

But this one is clever enough for me to enjoy a light chuckle.

If you can't figure it out, the sign originally said "drive", but someone scratched off the R and V.

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27. Is it weird that the fact that the one guy decided to go out in this weather with no shirt is making me as nervous as the tiger?

Reddit | xtrasour37

Yes, it's a dangerous and fiercely powerful jungle cat, but it doesn't seem to actually be doing anything.

Meanwhile, good luck trying to reason with frostbite.

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28. I really don't understand the people who take awful photos for selling their stuff.

Reddit | KamekPorygon

Sure, this is a free mattress and the pic itself is funny, but you couldn't shoo the dogs away or just wait for them to finish their business before taking the ad photo?

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29. These signs are popping up in more and more places, which is funny on its own.

Reddit | JefferySick

However, I've never actually heard of a story where the consequences actually happened. Do they really deter every public urinator or is the sign just a false threat?

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30. Cue every customer digging through the frozen food cases in search of money.

Reddit | jupiterisstupider_

Is "Million Dollars" some sort of local ice cream brand or something? Because otherwise I have no idea why it would need to be listed on an aisle sign.

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31. Something tells me that whoever put this sign up isn't having a particularly beautiful day.


I guess nobody ever broke into King Friday's castle so they could take their pants off and start whirling them around their head while his startled family looks on.

At least, I'm guessing that's what happened.

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32. I like how this photo succinctly shows us all the flaws in this thief's master plan.

Reddit | VerySlump

They say that when all you have is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail.

And that just makes me marvel at the possibility of this guy stealing every piece of evidence against him when he gets caught and acting like they don't exist.

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