Mom Accidentally Films Her Daughter's Proposal With Camera In Selfie Mode

Ryan Ford 3 Jan 2020

As the saying goes, plans are only worth the paper they're written on. You can plan all you like, life doesn't much care for your plans. It's going to do its own thing.

Just look at a couple who thought they had the perfect proposal all lined up. They did end up with a memorable experience, and one they can laugh about, if nothing else.

Albuquerque's Benjamin Steele Bacon figured he had it all worked out.

Facebook | Benjamin Steele Bacon

He was planning on popping the question to his sweetie of three years, Amber Griego, and enlisted his future mother-in-law, Susan, to get the whole event on camera.

It seems straightforward enough, but if anything, it was too straightforward.

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Ben took Amber and Susan down to the Albuquerque Biopark, specifically the penguin exhibit.

Facebook | ABQ BioPark

"Penguins, between me and Amber, are kind of a thing so I figured so why not just do it at the penguin exhibit," he told KOB4.

Knowing what was about to happen when they got to the exhibit, Susan borrowed Amber's phone, saying she wanted to take some pics of the pair.

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Unfortunately, Susan wasn't exactly familiar with Amber's phone.


When she opened it up to capture the moment as Ben took a knee, the camera was in selfie mode. So, instead of getting the big question on film, Susan only got images of her own, smiling face.

"I couldn't figure out how to work it and I'm taking a selfie of myself and I realize I'm filming myself instead of them and I'm laughing and we're all laughing and I guess I'm not very good at photography," Susan told KOB4.

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However, although they missed out on recording Ben's proposal, nobody's unhappy.


"It was still a very memorable moment even though I blew it," Susan told CNN. "As for me, I am not sure whether I should feel embarrassed or delighted by the outcome."

Amber said that it was all perfect just the way it was. "I cried, but tears of joy," she said. "I had no clue this was coming and was definitely surprised. I think the selfie clip my mom got was hilarious. I will always have the memory."

h/t: KOB4, CNN

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