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Twitter Has Thoughts About Cameron Diaz And Benji Madden's 'Unique' Baby Name

Rae Batchelor

Rae Batchelor

There are a lot of... unique baby names out there, especially coming from celebrities. Just look at some of the Kardashian names: North, Psalm, True, Chicago, Saint, and Stormi... it's pretty much a rite of passage as a celebrity child.

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden surprised everyone when they announced the birth of their first child via Instagram post.

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In the post where they detailed that they wouldn't be sharing photos or details about their new daughter, they revealed her name: Raddix Madden.

Twitter has been sharing their opinions on this original baby name.

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Fans had a lot of ideas about what the name sounded like. "So it turns out Raddix Madden is an infant and NOT a physics theory," one tweeted.

"That's....... certainly unique," tweeted one fan, keeping a positive outlook.

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One fan commented that the name "Just sounds like a corporate name than a personal name imo. 'Hi, I'm the CEO for Raddix Madden.'"

Another said it seemed like a gender-neutral term for radish.

Who knows? Maybe the Maddens just really, really love raddishes — and maybe "Raddix" is actually just the proper plural of the word!

One Twitter user got right to the statistics regarding the name.

Raddix is definitely unique, having less than five babies born with that name in the last year in the United States. Similar names had similar pretty low usage rates.

Some people liked the name.

It's definitely original, and the nickname "Rad" is actually pretty cute. It's also fitting for the daughter of a pop-punk musician, who has certainly used the word "rad" in his lifetime.

Other people thought 'made-up names' were better than classic ones.

It makes sense that if our names are supposed to be unique identifiers of who we are to pick one that's absolutely unique and probably won't be shared by anyone around you!

Of course, the comparisons about what the name sounded like didn't stop.

There's nothing wrong with having a name like a car-radio manufacturer. Some of Raddix's dad's career was helped along by car radios playing his music, so maybe it's even fitting!

Or maybe Raddix was named after a particular anime character?

There are definitely worse fictional characters to name a child after, although there are probably some better ones too.

This person felt the need to point out a bit of irony.

Probably the name "Charlotte" was a bit too on-the-nose for Benji — imagine all the jokes online if they had named their daughter after his band!

Some fans kept it short and sweet.

What do you think about the name Raddix? Is it cool and unique, or is it just asking for their kids to be teased at school? Let us know in the comments below!