Fans Are Upset By Meredith's New Man On 'Grey's Anatomy'

Diply 11 Oct 2018

Where are all my Grey's Anatomy fans at?

As a huge fan myself, I feel comfortable saying that we have to be the toughest, most resilient fandom out there. We've been through a lot of heartbreak over the years with this show, and yet, here we are.

The carousel never stops turning.

It's been a bumpy road for Grey's fans.

TV Guide | TV Guide

We've stuck it out through the deaths of some pretty iconic characters, including Denny and George.

Little did we know that that would only be the beginning of the heartache.

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We were forced to say goodbye to Lexie and Mark, and I thought that there was no way they could hurt us anymore.

Fanpop | Fanpop

But I thought wrong. Oh so wrong.

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They went and killed off the one and only Derek Shepherd.

Odyssey | Odyssey

I won't lie, that almost did it for me. I almost gave up on the show, but I just had to see how Meredith could ever move on from this.

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Oh! And I can't forget how they fired the actresses who played April Kepner and Arizona Robbins like they weren't the two fiercest, most inspiring female characters on the show.

Popsugar | Popsugar

It's whatever. I'm fine.

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Anyway, they had Meredith stay single for a little while there, before Nathan Riggs came in and tried to steal her heart.

Fan Forum | Fan Forum

He had a cute accent, so we let it slide.

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But then Riggs went and ditched Meredith when he found out that his fiancée wasn't actually dead.

TV Line | TV Line

And okay, Meredith said she'd do the same thing if it were Derek, so we're not too shook.

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And from then on, Mer hasn't had any major love interests on the show, and I was kind of digging it.

Digital Spy | Digital Spy

We love strong, independent women who don't need a man to be happy, right?

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There were fans of the show demanding that Alex and Mer hook up, which is just too blasphemous. 

Zimbio | Zimbio

They could kill off every character on this show and I'd still watch until the end, but if they did this, I'd quit on the spot.

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Anyway, the news just dropped that Meredith will, in fact, be getting back into the dating game.

YouTube | Spoiler TV

During a teaser for an upcoming episode, Maggie exclaims, "Oh my God, you have a date!"

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And you might be wondering who exactly that date is, right?

Ink & Stardust | Ink & Stardust

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Josh Radnor has been cast for the part.

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That's right, How I Met Your Mother's very ownTed Mosby will be potentially dating the one and only Meredith Grey.


At first, I wasn't too sure how I felt about this, but as soon as I checked Twitter, I knew I wasn't alone.

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The general reaction to this casting decision was confusion.

Wetpaint | Wetpaint

Right now, we don't know how long Josh will be on the show for.

The date could be a total flop and we'll never see him again, or for all we know, he could settle down with Mer and have her fourth child. (That was physically painful to type.)

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A lot of people were actually angry about casting Josh on the show.

Glamour | Glamour

Mostly because nobody could ever replace Derek Shepherd and his McDreamy hair.

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Naturally, others made jokes about how Ted will just go back to Robin in the end.

Hypable | Hypable

And, I mean, whatever. Just as long as they don't stretch the whole thing out for NINE WHOLE SEASONS.

*Aggressively glares at the people working at CBS who thought that was a good idea*

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And then there were those who were okay with Meredith finding new love, but only if it was with Scott Speedman.

The Redhead Diaries | The Redhead Diaries

Scott appeared on the show a while back and the two had incredible chemistry, but they never pursued anything. I'm on board with bringing him back!

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There was also a small portion of people who were okay with the decision to bring Josh onto the show.

Coming Soon | Coming Soon

So at least some people are happy about it.

I guess it's best not to judge too harshly until we know more about his storyline, right? We'll have to wait and see!

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