15+ Times Things Didn't Go Down As Expected

We all know that everything in our lives couldn't possibly go according to plan. No matter how lucky we are, we're not wizards who can make the stars align every time we want to do something.

But sometimes, the circumstances around us veer so drastically from our expectations that we become more impressed and fascinated than anything. Whether things went wrong or right almost becomes irrelevant because we simply never would've expected that things could ever turn out the way they did.

When these turns of events arise, it almost becomes instinctual to take a picture of them if only to confirm they really happened. And it seems that's exactly what the people on this list did.

1. Spotting a car adorned with a bunch of crap is a surprisingly common occurrence, but this definitely takes it to a new level.

Reddit | brianh00d

Even if all of these stuffed horses somehow stay on the car, it's almost hard to tell that there's a car at all under them.

That said, if someone were to commit a crime and tear all of this off during their getaway, I can't imagine the police recognizing them.

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2. It's risky to make assumptions about the artist's intent, but I'm guessing they were going for something different from how this actually looks.

Reddit | kittybeer

After all, I can't say I recall a part in the Bible when Jesus made his hand grow like three times its size and then slapped his mom.

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3. Apparently, this was supposed to turn out as a peppermint candy platter on a pizza pan.

Reddit | SayLittleDoMuch

However, once it turned out that the pan couldn't go in the oven, whoever did this only got a spindly mess for their trouble.

While I kind of love how much it looks like a delicious spider web, I don't envy whoever has to clean it.

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4. Thrift stores can yield some bizarre finds, but even the most curious hunters of the strange would never expect this.

Reddit | MasterTonu

Whoever is in here obviously had very specific funeral instructions, but since the cremation happened in Florida and this was found in California, there are still a lot of unanswered questions here.

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5. I can safely say that I would appreciate this prank about as much as the dog does.

Reddit | Wiildman8

Other pictures show this person trying to feed them these vegetables only to be refused. Let me tell you, that's a big mood.

I don't think it's even due to the vegetables, but rather due to the betrayal.

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6. This probably seemed perfectly shady when this person parked, but the sun can be quite the prankster sometimes.

Reddit | lol62056

I couldn't tell you why it's apparently so mad at this one car in particular, though.

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7. When someone stepped into a charming antique shop in Cork, Ireland, this was probably the last thing they expected to find.

Reddit | el_chonko

No matter how old and valuable it may be, there's no denying that what is supposed to be a rabbit looks like a dinosaur that grew from a giant potato.

I'm not sure I could ever get used to seeing that every day when I show up for work.

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8. I'm not sure what freaked this poor doggo out so much, but getting it back down will be quite the puzzler.

Reddit | LeafyPeen

I love how even the other dogs look like they don't know how this one managed to get itself in that predicament.

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9. It's easy to imagine that this was the result of someone's drunk escapades, but I can only wonder how I'd react if I saw this as a kid.

Reddit | VexFoox

Considering what kind of kid I was, I'd probably end up considering this tree my new friend and asking my bewildered dad to push it on the swing.

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10. Oh dear, it looks like the dreaded front camera has struck again.

Reddit | NearbyDANKSTER

At least this man can take comfort in the fact that he's not the only one to accidentally record himself while trying to capture a romantic moment.

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11. At least the cookie sheet makes it clear what this unfortunate baker was trying to go for here.

Reddit | Willem500i

It's a lot easier to be sympathetic when we grab our butt-cookies out of these slots than if they weren't there.

And yes, I'm implying that I would still eat them with no context. I'd just have a suspicious look on my face.

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12. Since I don't know where this was taken, I'm just going to go ahead and assume this horse wandered into their house.

Reddit | Just_aurel

And considering how many snacks are on the table right now, I don't think it's too hard to guess what it's here for.

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13. This image requires some explanation and it turns out that a fifth grade class was asked to make dioramas about ancient civilizations.

Reddit | cats_on_t_rexes

Based on the pole decorated with a severed doll head, it's not hard to guess which passage in the history books caught this kid's attention.

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14. Well well well, it looks like this guy's master plan was more easily thwarted than he thought.

Reddit | southwoodhunter

While I don't approve of the deception, I also have to admit that I'm really tickled by the idea of literally searching for "normal guy selfies" to throw people off the trail.

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15. I guess we can't really know how romantic this is without knowing what their relationship is like.

Reddit | whiteniteee

Sure, it would be pretty weird for me to just offer up kale to the girl I like, but maybe she really loves it and doesn't just pretend to like the rest of us.

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16. I'm not sure this guy ever would have imagined that he'd have to cage himself in to use the computer, but this seems to be his life now.

Reddit | ZzLy__

I'm guessing that at some point, a curious kid or animal pulled the wrong plug while he was doing something important and he vowed to himself that it would never happen again.

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17. Although I can't imagine how an entire van ends up on a balcony by accident, putting it there probably isn't what somebody expected to do that day.

Reddit | ChevTheRev

It's hard to decide on whether why or how this happened is the more important question, but I wouldn't count on getting any answers either way.

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18. Leaving a drink in the car isn't always such a big deal, but it definitely is in the middle of winter.

Reddit | ghrarhg

As this driver in Minneapolis learned, the "sparkling" part of that sparkling water will basically guarantee that things will get messy.

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19. A local soccer club built these bleachers, but it looks like they'll have to do it all over again.


Although seems sturdy enough, a particularly strong gust of wind put all of its weaknesses on full display.

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20. This guy picked a very unfortunate time to go mountain biking.

Reddit | redneptune00

As we can see, he scraped his face up pretty good after falling off his bike, but that wasn't the worst part.

20 minutes after he took this picture, he had a date with someone who had never seen him before.

On the plus side, she apparently didn't mind too much.

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21. This person just realized their trip to South Korea will be more challenging than expected.

Reddit | Sasquatch489

Since this photo shows what eye-level is like for them, it's safe to say that they have a long period of ducking under door frames ahead of them.

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22. Tests in school are stressful enough without having to wonder whether you should evacuate the building.

Reddit | Daigher

Unfortunately, that's likely what went down after this computer picked the worst possible time to spontaneously catch on fire.

Why not?

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23. This is why it's very important to remember to put your car in park before you leave it.

Reddit | jubjubdidit

Apparently, this driver left it in drive, which meant it got way too close to this café's window for comfort.

Fortunately, nobody was sitting here and this seems to be about as gently as a hulking car like this can tap this window.

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24. Unfortunately, some dogs take the fact that their owners can't be around them all the time more severely than others.

Reddit | CreamCheeseIsBad

While some might mess up the furniture, this one apparently had enough pent up negative energy stored to let it chew through this door.

It looks like it was attacked by beavers.

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25. Lighting is everything in photography and sometimes, our environments can surprise us when it's not quite right.

Reddit | N1ghtv0re

For instance, this probably started as a perfectly normal shot in a restaurant, but now looks like a being of pure energy decided to take a pit stop in between dimensions.

Sadly, I don't think this restaurant carries anti-matter burgers, so this guy's out of luck.

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26. Apparently, this is what used to happen when old-time trains didn't have enough water for their boilers.

Reddit | N1ghtv0re

Once things heat up under these conditions, the copper pipes get more than they can handle and cause an explosion that rips through the engine.

And then, people are just left with a car full of giant, cursed spaghetti that can't go anywhere.

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27. Every now and then, we may discover that an animal has wandered into our homes, but getting rid of them isn't usually this difficult.

Reddit | Chronikushed

After all, not only are there two of these geckos and not only are they massive, but how do you get a hold of an animal that can climb up walls to get away from you?

Good luck, pal.

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28. Although it's certainly nice when every little bump in the night doesn't wake you up, there are disadvantages to being a heavy sleeper.

Reddit | PyroIusite

For instance, I can't imagine this guy's going to have a very fun time when he realizes his roommates somehow managed to duct tape him to the ceiling without waking him.

Does he live with prankster ninjas? Because I think those are the worst kind.

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29. I think it's safe to say that this escalator isn't in service right now.


Hopefully, the uploader didn't need anything on the lower floors because the only thing that seems be on sale right now is murky flood water.

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30. I'm not sure how this happened, but it definitely seemed like some sadist was trying to strike us at our most vulnerable moments.

Reddit | AtlantaBoyz

"Oh, you need toilet paper? Sure thing, no problem. All you have to do is convince this king cobra to give it to you! Hahahaha!"

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31. Believe it or not, there might be a sensible reason why this swing set is locked in a cage.

Reddit | whitecatcannonball

Somebody likely wanted to give their child something nice to play with only to read up on the laws involved after it was already installed.

Apparently, playground equipment is considered an "attractive nuisance" and if it's not on public property, whoever owns it can be held liable if a kid injures themselves on it. Obviously, they thought "forget that."

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32. Never underestimate the destructive power of a cat.

Reddit | pocketwatchsand

Apparently, this person had just gotten their floor stained an hour before this was taken.

Soon, their cat managed to ruin both it and the terrarium they had been growing for years by making the two objects meet in the most aggresive way possible.

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33. Apparently, this online test wasn't programmed to accept correct answers, just the correct characters.

Reddit | anthony_fdez

So even though this person got the answer right, the fact that they put it in parentheses means they might as well have let their cat answer for them.

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34. Sadly, it doesn't matter all that much how beautiful a promise ring is when the promise is defective.

Reddit | Jorogasm

It's good to see that she has a sense of humor about her predicament, at least.

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35. This person never knew that they'd be nostalgic for the three months that this street light didn't work.

Reddit | rusted4

As we can see, it now has a much brighter bulb than anybody really asked for. And guess whose bedroom has a perfect view of it now?

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36. When we're running as late as it seems this woman is, there's a reason why it's better just to skip some steps.

Reddit | Red_Thumper

After all, getting in a crash is already dangerous enough without having to worry about where a hot hair straightener will end up in the process.

And if that doesn't happen on this trip, it will eventually.

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37. Believe it or not, I'm actually not wondering how this happened.

Reddit | jorteken

Not only can kids get up to anything if you turn your back on them for a second, but I can definitely remember successfully climbing stuff as a kid without having any idea how I actually pulled it off.

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38. I won't deny that she lives a hard life, but that's not how this works.

Twitter | @Roxymoxi

While some might feel inclined to offer a generous comp in recognition of what her family is going through, it's a different matter entirely to essentially treat that like it's the law.

Her decision to not leave a tip is also not exactly helping her case here.

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39. I guess Ace Hardware is just going ahead and dropping all pretense of people actually using these to hit baseballs?

Reddit | N00BN00N

When the bad guy in Hardcore Henry said, "Each year 100,000 baseball bats are sold in Russia, and at most 50 baseballs," it was supposed to be a dark joke. Not marketing advice.

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