16+ Things No One Expected To Wake Up And See Today

Although it's true that we never really know what we'll come across in a given day, experience usually gives us something of an idea.

For instance, the building I work in is downtown, so most of the time that I step off the bus, I can mostly expect to see a bunch of people going about their days and not paying much attention to me. And really, that's the way I like it.

Less frequently, I'll see some people playing music or ranting about Jesus. Although they're less common sights, they're still ones I recognize. I don't know them by name, but at this point, I might as well.

Sometimes, however, we can find ourselves coming across someone who makes a unique impression on us before seemingly disappearing completely. We may not know where they came from or went, but they were definitely there and they definitely made sure we were wide awake that day.

This list is for them.

1. The uploader bought this cake for a coworker who put in their two weeks, and it's supposed to jokingly say "you're dead to us."

Reddit | Bill_Hickman

However, what they somehow ended up with is a cake that's missing the "to us," so now it just looks like the cake was trying to poison everyone.


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2. It's kind of weird that somebody would even bother to take a picture of such a common sight.

Reddit | TymekTM

After all, who hasn't seen a couple of guys lug a giant foot around?

At this point, I see it so often that I've stopped wondering whether that garage is supposed have other body parts like someone went to the Voltron school of sculpting or if it's all just giant feet.

Like, yawn, right?

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3. I can't stand being accused of things I didn't do at the best of times, but that goes double if someone expects me to answer to a block of cement.

Reddit | kacietv

Let me tell you something, F. All I've been doing is minding my own business and it seems like you should do the same.

I'm sure your dad would agree with me.

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4. Well, this person obviously isn't afraid to let the world know what they like.

Reddit | darkxdays

I like how they added that bumper sticker just in case there was a remaining shred of doubt that they got that license plate on purpose.

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5. I wouldn't have thought this would be very comfortable attire, but I can't deny that its wearer looks pretty relaxed here.

Reddit | TheOfficialScrub

I've often found that if you really want to freak people out, the key is to do something weird with as casual of an attitude as possible.

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6. I honestly don't think it's worth it to light the room if this is what we're using to do it.

Reddit | digeratisensei

Sure, I might stub my toe a lot more often that way, but it's not like that kind of pain will follow you into your dreams like one look at whatever nightmare we're looking at here does.

The second that it talks to me or starts trying to move around on those little feet, I'm smashing it.

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7. I've seen some strange wrestling gimmicks over the years, but I've never seen one that makes me envy a wrestler less than whoever's stuck playing R2D2.

Reddit | CamTheChest

It might get old to shout "Oh no!" in C3PO's effete style when some brute throws you to the mat for the hundredth time, but have you ever tried to do a suplex from your knees while making whistling and beeping sounds?

Well, don't. Let's just say it's a tough gig.

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8. This car is supposed to be a celebration of all things Key West, which apparently means that its driver really hopes we like sea shells and sharks.

Reddit | ChineseFingerDip

As much as I'd get very nervous if I was driving behind this person, I'll have to give them a little credit because those might be the happiest sharks I've ever seen.

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9. Someone in Ireland made such an impression when he slipped on some ice that it inspired locals to commemorate the event with this plaque.

Reddit | CoachOHagan

Despite how it's worded, I'm pretty sure the guy didn't actually die or even get hurt that badly. Maybe it's in loving memory of his pride?

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10. I'm sure I've snuck a snack or two onto the bus at some point, but I've never made myself at home as much as this guy.

Reddit | Orange_Jacket

It looks like he's got a bowl of rice, a bowl of greens, and a bottle of vodka. The breakfast of champions.

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11. We've been warned not to eat yellow snow for good reason, but I don't think this ice cream flavor will be much of a hit either.

Reddit | nobuttsnococonuts

Nothing says "tasty treat" like mud, snow, and whatever else else ends up stuck under a car.

It's like eating a very cold mystery box.

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12. Apparently, somebody decorated their floors with broken mirror shards and covered it in a polymer called polyurethane.

Reddit | Psycho-Designs

I guessing that polymer prevents turning every trip to the bathroom into a bloodbath, but I still can't imagine feeling comfortable enough to actually walk in here.

Pl,ease don't let this catch on.

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13. I had thought that the trend of finding out how many of your friends can fit in a phone booth died out 50 years ago, but what do I know?

Reddit | seven_critical_blows

I guess the idea of doing it in your swimwear was just the spicy twist it needed to bring this back?

Now, I guess the only hard part is finding an actual phone booth anymore.

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14. This looks like one of the least comfortable things I could imagine somebody doing.

Reddit | yeerk_slayer

Even if that water is actually warm (and that's a massive "if"), enjoying this fine and I'm sure entirely sanitary shower would still involve patiently standing nude in the cold for way longer than I'd ever want to.

No, thanks.

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15. Unless this guy's been growing his hair for literal decades, I think we've just witnessed someone going Super Saiyan in real life.


Given how everyone seems to live only to get stronger and fight each other in that show, I would've expected this selfie to take place in the gym rather than the bathroom.

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16. Based on the motion blur, I think it's safe to say that the bird is as uncomfortable about this as I am.

Reddit | ceruleancrescent

Depending on how healthy that bird is, whoever's licking their parrot might also be at risk of giving themselves pneumonia through a disease called psittacosis.

You know, just in case you somehow needed more reasons not to do this.

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17. It would take some impressive balance to do this, but I can't say I understand why he's bothering.

Reddit | Nath_396

I know every shopping cart has at least one crappy wheel, but are they all shot on this one? Why even take it, then?

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18. Although Australian response teams are living in a nightmare right now, it doesn't seem like anything can break their spirits.

Reddit | MrColfax

Because as long as we've still got our senses of humor, we haven't truly been beaten.

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19. What is he trying to accomplish here?? Well, your guess is as good as mine.

Reddit | The_Dark_One01

Something seems wrong with this car's tires, so this is either an intimidation play or a pretty weird attempt to bring his head to their level.

Or maybe it's a sexy dance to cheer them up. Who knows?

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20. This image was captioned with, "So this is how much my family loves me."

Reddit | iiixxxxx

No matter what era we find ourselves in, it seems like there will always be someone who doesn't respect zoo enclosures.

And from the looks of it, they multiply through sheer luck.

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