16+ Bone-Chilling Pics That Left Me With The Jitters

One of the biggest differences between our childhood selves and our adult selves is that we don't feel the need to posture as much.

No matter how much something like The Grudge might have scared us when we were 13, we always insisted that that we were fine and that it was "pretty good, yeah, but not that scary."

Nowadays, however, if we say we're not scared of a movie, that's because we simply aren't. Not only has the real world given us a lot more to terrify us than a movie ever could, but who are we really trying to impress?

Still, on certain lonely nights, it's definitely possible to find ourselves freaked out by something that might be a little embarrassing to admit afterwards.

For instance, some of the things on this list are genuinely creepy, while others would just make us startled and then lowkey mad if we bumped into them.

1. I don't think the staff at this clinic will need to work too hard to get people to keep their distance.

Reddit | 22dmgxy

Apparently, this was a particularly mischievous decoration idea for a hospital in China rather than a chilling crisis scene, but it still looks like it came straight out of someone's nightmares.

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2. Unfortunately, it seems that this is one of the more morbid consequences of an unexpected flood.

Reddit | roby_soft

Although coffins can definitely seem far more expensive than they need to be, seeing how easily a flood can unearth them makes me really relieved that they held firm.

Apparently, some areas prone to flooding are known to add a layer of concrete when they bury people for this very reason.

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3. Sure, this is really just a foggy bridge, but the dull browns and grays in this scenery do a lot to make it seem very sinister.

Reddit | queerfart

Honestly, if you were to tell me that this bridge is the way to Silent Hill, I'd have a pretty tough time arguing with you.

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4. This almost seems like someone carved it out of wood, but it's actually the rare remains of a creature we lost long ago.

Reddit | spiceprincesszen

In case it's unclear, we're looking at the preserved head of a now-extinct dodo bird.

I don't really want to imagine the texture of this thing now that it's been centuries since it walked the earth.

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5. I don't have to tell most of you that Australians are dealing with some nightmarish circumstances right now, but this image confirms that in a particularly eerie way.

Reddit | dilzydil1

Some have described the bushfires as like Armageddon or what Hell probably looks like.

With that in mind, it's oddly fitting that this cloud of smoke seems to have the face of a skull demon peeking out on the right side of this image.

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6. Even though it's very likely that their intentions were purely practical, it definitely looks like the hornets were trying to freak us out with this one.

Reddit | Dan-68

After all, adding a swarm of hornets and that waxy nest material to an abandoned, broken doll with vegetation growing out of it is basically the only way one could possibly make it creepier.

Thanks, hornets.

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7. Nothing speeds up a late-night walk through the woods like some mysterious glowing eyes.

Reddit | lehurm787

Sure, it's far more likely that these are just a couple of curious owls or cats than a pack of unidentified monsters.

But I don't think I need to explain why I wouldn't stick around to confirm that assumption.

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8. Although this doll isn't terribly creepy yet, it probably will be by the time this homeowner's trap has been sprung.

Reddit | CrazyCatLadyBoy

Yes, the uploader apparently put this in the wall before they put up the drywall as an unpleasant surprise for whoever owns this house next.

Imagine being so evil as to plan the nightmares of future generations. It's diabolical.

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9. This may very well be a perfectly innocent celebration, but old photography techniques are a lot kinder to some subjects than others.

Reddit | JareBearnocare

All it takes is some sub-par lighting to turn a joyful musical number into a sinister cabal's ritual.

That said, it would still feel a little hard to be intimidated by a cult that goes around in such ridiculous headgear.

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10. As embarrassing as it may be, we can sometimes find ourselves getting seriously frightened by the stuff we happened to leave lying around.

Reddit | JDOG1234453

In this case, for example, one could certainly be forgiven for quickly turning on the lights and frantically confronting this shadowy figure.

If they did so, however, they'd soon learn that they're actually yelling at their Christmas tree.

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11. Our attitude towards clowns may be very different to how our grandparents felt, but I can't think of a time period when this wasn't creepy.

Reddit | DYL350

I can't be the only one who thinks that this looks a little bit like Pennywise got the evil idea to wear another clown's skin.

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12. By the same token, this doll's lifeless eyes make it almost impossible to believe it was made with anything but evil intentions.

Reddit | 666Vicky666

If some prankster decided to place it on top of me while I was asleep, I would almost certainly burn it immediately after.

Nice try, but my soul is remaining uneaten, thank you very much.

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13. Based on the facial expression, I'm guessing that this mask is meant to be as intense as it looks.

Reddit | Jakopxy

Granted, I suppose it would also be difficult to make a face that wouldn't look absurdly creepy under a monstrosity like this.

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14. Yeah, I can't say I would feel too comfortable walking through the forest while it looks like this.

Reddit | payhere-now

I suppose there's less brush for anything unpleasant to hide behind during this time of year, but it would still be hard not to jump at every little noise.

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15. At least in that forest, it would probably be too dark to make out this mildly creepy sight.

Reddit | noblinkin

After all, it's already kind of a challenge to make myself see anything other than a face in this hole in the bark.

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16. It's not unheard of for old churches throughout Europe to keep the remains of venerated saints on display.

Reddit | dediusryan94

What's different about the presentation of this saint's head in Roggenburg, Germany, however, is that they don't usually paint eyes on the veil covering the skull to make it seem like they're still watching us.

I suppose it's up to you as to whether the knowledge that those eyes aren't really on the skull is more or less comforting.

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17. This is apparently called "the sculpture of lost souls," but I'm afraid I don't have any context for you.

Reddit | desireexdoll

That means that I don't have a fix on its location so if you want to know where you can avoid it, I'm afraid you're on your own.

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18. Although this mask once had a medical purpose, it's actually about as horrifying as it looks.

Reddit | BreadCasserole

This mask was apparently used to treat cancer back in the early 1920s, but the problem was that it did this by exposing wearers to radium.

As any chemistry students reading this will have already figured out, trying to get rid of cancer with radium is like trying to put out a fire with gasoline.

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19. Speaking of radioactive materials, this sign might have the best reason ever to tell us not to dig here.

Reddit | Sgt_Nerve

Although buried nuclear waste looks a lot more boring than the green ooze we might see in cartoons, the effects it can have on us certainly aren't.

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20. It seems that if you go shopping in Egypt, there's a non-zero chance that you'll run into this startling sight.

Reddit | MohamedBone

Yes, one store owner has apparently decided to attract shoppers' attention by putting a mannequin made to resemble himself outside of his door.

I'll allow that it's eye-catching, but I'm not sure I'd call it "enticing."

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