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Twitter Can't Stop Giggling At Baker's Innocent Macaron 'Hearts' Fail

Many of us don't create masterpieces on our first try. I mean, you might, and all the power to you! But many of us rest our head on our pillow at night with a sudden light bulb of genius going off, only for our idea to not really go as planned.

Often, the results are belly laugh-inducing.

Meet Emma Plummer.

Twitter | @sweetplummama

The Tucson, Arizona-based mother is also a macaron maker, and her creations sure make our mouths water!

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Emma wanted to get into the Valentine's Day spirit, so she set out to make heart-shaped macarons.

However, they came out looking more like a part of the male anatomy.

The flesh-toned color of the cookies just sends it right off the edge.

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While others might immediately toss these in the trash, horrified, Emma thankfully has a good sense of humor and shared the post on Twitter for all of us to enjoy.

Twitter was pretty much losing their minds with this fail.

One person called them "sackarons," with the pun virtually being handed right to them.

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But the comment that ruled them all? This one.

"Completes my croissant," Twitter user Mariah Coburn added.

Looks like these ladies may have just found a new career in bachelorette baking!

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