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10+ Powerful Stories Of Animals Being Rescued From Australian Bushfires

Amy Pilkington 10 Jan 2020

A new decade has barely started, the news cycle is all about possible war, and Australia is on fire. I'm tired. Are you tired?I think the whole world is tired.

But no matter how much we may want to stick our heads in the sand and just watch the final season of Schitt's Creek on repeat, it's important to stay connected and stay aware if we want to even hope to work toward hope for the future.

So instead of getting overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the Australia bushfires, let's take a moment to appreciate the small stories of people taking the time to help animals stay safe and heal.

1. While the coverage has been ramping up in the last week or so, the bushfires have been burning for months.

The first viral story I can remember is from back in November, when a woman was caught on camera using her own shirt to wrap up a burned and disoriented koala.

Sadly, though the koala — who was named Lewis — was given the best care possible, his injuries were too severe and the though decision to end his suffering was made by veterinarians.

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2. It can be difficult for rescue organizations to find animals who are scared and hidden away from the flames.

Reddit | tanafidge

So many organizations have been using dogs to help sniff out animals in need of help.

This is Bear, a border collie-mix trained to find live koalas. He's been helping the International Fund for Animal Welfare search for survivors in burned out regions of bush.

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3. But it's not just official organizations out there finding animals.

In a viral video, a pair of teenage boys showed the interior of their car, which had become a makeshift ambulance for koalas. The boys had driven out to Kangaroo Island and collected any living koalas that they could find, including a mom with her baby.

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4. Something all animals need right now is water.

Many residents are leaving containers of water out for local animals, and there are a lots of images of wild animals drinking directly from offered bottles. Like this koala.

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5. Often, a single picture can say more than any words.

Reddit | HeadbangerNeckInjury

It's really telling how willing these wild animals are to go right up to humans for help. It shows a level of desperation and need far beyond the norm.

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6. With rescue centers at capacity — or battling nearby fires of their own — Australians are getting creative.

Reddit | jewfishcartel

This makeshift koala center is in a school gym and each animal has been provided with its own safe space.

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7. People are even bringing them into their homes.

Facebook | Janelle Michalowski

Of course, this isn't ideal, but of course people are going to choose the life of an animal over the chance of property damage. At least long enough for professional services to come and take them.

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8. Kids love all animals, but it can be hard to find safe and easy ways for them to support the rescue effort.

Reddit | rallewe

Redditor rallewe shared this photo of her son, who has begun sewing pouches for orphaned joeys.

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9. It seems like such a small thing, but those pouches can make a huge difference for a baby kangaroo.

They've lost their mom and are battling trauma and possible injuries. A familiar feeling of being curled up in a cozy pouch helps a lot with stress.

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10. A dog named Pasty has been hailed a hero for successfully herding her sheep to safety.

She lead them to the safest of the farm's paddocks and kept watch over them.

Eventually, the fire did reach the farm, but through swift action Patsy and her humans were able to save the buildings and only a few sheep were lost.

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11. It's an unfortunate truth that while koalas are getting a lot of viral attention, they aren't the only animals in need.

Reddit | cheryl2399

But rest assured that all animals are being cared for as much as humanly possible. Like this ringtail possum being saved by a pair of volunteer firefighters.

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12. After the fires burned their way through Mallacoota, this guy went out looking for survivors.

Imgur | nomadofthewaves

Pictured with him is the seventh koala he had carried to safety, though I'm sure he's saved even more since this image was taken.

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13. Redditor officialMorthoke shared this photo of their cousin, a volunteer firefighter who had just rescued a joey.

Reddit | officialMorthoke

It's important to remember that these volunteers aren't getting paid. They are risking their lives and health to protect their country from the fire.

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14. Firefighter Sam Mcglone managed to catch his rescue of another joey on camera.

You can see how scared the little baby is, almost running back towards the fire, but once it realizes its in good hands, it calms right down.

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15. It really is something to see.

The disaster is forcing animals and humans closer together than ever before. It's heartening to see, but also sad that we've let it get this way.

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16. For many Australians, finding a kangaroo in your yard is usually annoying.

But right now, residents are happy to provide them with a safe place to rest, as well as food and water.

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17. And let's not forget Australia's famously creepy crawlies.

We may get itchy or grossed out by them, but they are an important part of an ecosystem.

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