15+ People Who Expressed Themselves In Their Own Little Way

By the time we hit our teenage years, we often start thinking more seriously about how we see ourselves and what makes us unique.

This may lead us to embrace certain styles and belief systems, but it also leaves us grappling with the question of how we want to express ourselves.

Although our answers to this question can be subject to change or might be vehemently defended by insisting they aren't phases, mom, the way we express ourselves can help us get at least some idea of who we are as we navigate the confusing mess that is life on this planet.

And unless we become total grumps later in life, we can appreciate that self-expression is important. As we're about to see, however, the ways that we satisfy our own personalities and aesthetics won't always make much sense to others.

1. I'll admit that I haven't been to the gym in a while, but this technique isn't anything I've ever heard of.

Reddit | jicho343

I'm also not sure what part it's supposed to exercise, but I bet it has a really cool name like the "Tower of Power" or something.

Also, say what you want about the person in the dinosaur suit, but they probably won't hurt themselves as much as the other guy.

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2. Not only does this guy know how to get into character, but he really knows how to seize an opportunity.

Reddit | DreamfakeR

Now I just want to know how embarrassing Kylo Ren would find his grandpa's "I don't like sand" line before the Clone Wars kicked off.

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3. I'm not sure why someone thought the world needed a lamp that looks like a pigeon halfway through crapping out a lightbulb, but at least they committed to it.

Reddit | Mannaleemer

I guess you also don't need a lampshade when the tail is blocking the bulb on its own.


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4. Not only does this kid have really cool parents, but I bet the other kids in his class think he's pretty rad too.

Reddit | vitor2104

Or at least, they probably do now now that Sonic actually looks more like this and less like a furry possum demon in the upcoming movie.

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5. I've often heard that a gift you make someone is a lot more than a gift you buy someone, and I'm oddly convinced now that I've seen this.

Reddit | BoxterCrabshire

I never really liked this character in Family Matters, but now I realize that's because he wasn't a centaur!

I just hope this toy doesn't talk.

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6. I'm sure this guy will be pleased to hear that he found a way to express himself that nobody will try to copy.

Reddit | Batonowski

After all, most of us can't really afford to buy 15 plane tickets just so our collection of mannequins can ride with us.

And he's lucky because obviously, everyone's been wracking their brains trying to figure what to do with their dozen mannequins. It's a very common problem.

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7. I suppose that I wouldn't be that chipper if I spent the last half hour trying to put this on my head either.

Reddit | HearTheBroccoli

And considering how expensive glasses are nowadays, I'm not even sure I'd want to think about the investment required to do something like this.

Was it worth it?

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8. Sometimes, we may find that our self-expressions are so ambitions that we can't actually do them on our own.

Reddit | grossdefault

And when that happens, we must always remember what our friends sacrificed to make our dreams come true.

At the very least, the Green Lantern should at least treat his buddy in the morph suit to what they're standing in line for.

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9. Is it just be or does this design make a weird kind of sense?

Reddit | ChristianGODII

The only problem is that I can't decide whether they did this to make a "noodling" pun or whether they're just paying tribute to the main thing helping musicians stay alive.

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10. I'll admit that I thought someone put meringue on a block of ice when I saw this at first.

Reddit | LudicrousEnd6

Apparently, this is a transparent lemon meringue pie, which makes it sound like someone stole the recipe from the future.

How do you even do this?

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11. It takes a very confident person to rock high-heeled Nikes with net stockings.

Reddit | Aeon1508

And all the more power to them, because I would never have that kind of confidence.

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12. I suppose that if you have a yellow Volkswagen beetle with red lights, you're only wasting potential by not turning it into Pikachu.

Reddit | Mr-Generio2

Still, that doesn't mean I'm any less impressed that they actually managed to either find or make the ears and tail to complete the look.

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13. I don't even want to think about how long it must've taken to put this together.

Reddit | snerph

Literally dolling up the mohawk was an interesting decision on its own, but using the Barbie legs as makeshift shoulder spikes feels particularly inspired.

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14. For certain kids, I can see the appeal of those cakes where the dress skirt is cake and a doll is stuck in the middle.

Reddit | Probston

But who would have thought that a hot pot restaurant would decide to serve their meat this way?

Maybe they're a fan of Lady Gaga.

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15. I can almost hear a thousand hypebeats cry in anguish over this, but I'm over amused than anything.

Reddit | MiDER21

I can only imagine that when the clerk asked if they wanted to box this up, this person just calmly replied with, "No thanks, the ice cream will probably melt by the time I get it open."

I'd like to think that it's only at this very moment that the bored store employee finally understood what they meant.

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16. This is actual art you can buy in a store... to put on your walls.

Reddit | drunkbettie

I'm not even sure if this is meant to be for or against Trump. It's just vaguely political cat art.

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17. Painting your whole house in camo is already a pretty audacious move, but there's actually more going on here than that.

Reddit | two_elbows

If you look closely, you might notice that some of these splotches are actually in the shape of sitting women and animals.

For instance, the one standing over the truck looks like either a buffalo or a lion.

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18. Now, I'm not into kink-shaming. Like what you like in the privacy of your own home with a consenting partner.

Reddit | lil_shorty_1

However, if I got into an Uber with a driver this willing to show off their anime porn obsession, I would definitely rethink my choices.

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19. Admittedly, I want to slow clap a little bit for the use of the person's actual hair in this piece of art.

Reddit | zjr2004

It's clever and funny. Which are two adjectives that I wouldn't normally apply to Justin Bieber.

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20. By now, so many people have photos of themselves forlornly walking on the beach that you have to go to some impressive lengths to stand out.

Reddit | HappyGamer_

And so, this person had obviously decided to make their mark by dressing as a pensive Loch Ness Monster. Or it could be a dragon.

The point is that it's more about the mood than the actual form, OK?

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21. There are two types of Christmas tree decorators: those who stick to the classics and those who go weird.

Reddit | imakemoopoints

I think this 3D-printed human pelvis definitely falls under the latter category.

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22. Ah, I see that Nessie up there isn't the only one to look deep in thought while wearing a ridiculous costume.

Reddit | seven_critical_blows

Although in this woman's case, it's entirely possible that she just realized what a hard time she'll have trying to get these things off of her.

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23. The first thing I thought this was is a toilet seat full of bugs, but then I looked closer.

Reddit | cptmarkii

I think I would have preferred the bugs. The idea of sitting down on a toilet covered in razor blades makes my cheeks clench.

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24. Once again, the best way to be original is to do something that most people will find way too hard to copy.

Reddit | Nath_396

After all, I think it's fair to say that most of us would probably give up after the fourth time the shopping cart fell of our heads and whacked us in the face.

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25. Honestly, I get the amount of skill and artistry that can go into creating tiny designs on fingernails.

Reddit | food_WHOREder

But why are so many of these nail art pieces unsettling?

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26. This isn't the scene of some crazy, once-in-a-lifetime accident. Someone actually chose to "decorate" their house with a car.

Reddit | roblkp

I really want to know if the front half is sticking out into a room. Like, could you sit in the front seat and pretend you're at a drive-in movie theater?

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27. It took me a second, but my understanding is that this isn't supposed to be a sink full of bloody teeth.

Reddit | GladePlug1n

Yeah, a lot of people are insisting that these are either beans or small rocks and I'm too confused by the whole thing to argue with them.

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28. The caption on this photo simply says "It's a wedding cake."

Reddit | Cicadamuerte

On one hand, that baker has some serious skills. The cake is amazing!

On the other hand, who the heck has this as their wedding cake?

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29. These bandages have the clever idea of showing you how many hit points they restore for you.

Reddit | baldlamp27

Frankly, this seems a little high for some simple bandages, but I guess it depends on what brought your HP so low in the first place.

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30. Here we have someone who found an oddly low-tech way to let the world know that Donald Trump accidentally started criticizing his own administration nine years ago.

Reddit | JKapFilms

That's right, it looks like printed out tweets aren't just for your mom anymore.

At least, I'm assuming your mom didn't do this.

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