15+ Pictures That Slowly Reveal Genius Ideas

Ryan Ford 9 Jan 2020

Progress waits for no one — it's coming, and it'll carry us all away on a current. Okay, that doesn't sound so great, but progress has given us plenty of good things, like penicillin and computers and at least 31 flavors of ice cream.

We live in a challenging world, and so far, we've met those challenges through creativity and incremental improvements — small, powerful ideas, sort of like the ones below.

1. Squaring off sockets means they don't roll away, and they can be turned with a wrench.

Reddit | type-username_here

Frankly, anything that makes tools easier to use and more versatile is welcome in my book. And this is such a simple twist, too.

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2. Blue lights at traffic stop.

Reddit | bsparks027

They might be a bit confusing when you've never seen them before, but they're helpful in their own way, as they indicate an approaching emergency vehicle.

It's a good idea, since it's not always clear where sirens you hear are coming from, or where they're headed — especially if you're blasting music on your car stereo.

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3. A hotel's PB & J bar.

Reddit | romax1989

Some folks want a jacuzzi tub in their room, but I would be more likely to book a place that offers snacks like this. Apparently, these come out after 10pm, the perfect time for a bedtime bite.

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4. Memorial wildflower seeds handed out at a funeral home.

Reddit | prolonginginevitable

It's a small gesture at a difficult time that could help provide a fitting and bright reminder of happy days gone by.

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5. Re-sealable can lids.

Reddit | robeytowe

Forget self-driving cars, this is the technology I never thought I'd see in my lifetime. But Monster went out and did it. They really did it.

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6. A 'Happy To Chat' public bench.

Reddit | Braseford

Sure, I would make a beeline for the tables, but I know some folks out there just want someone to talk to.

So hey, this is a good invitation to connect.

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7. A pack of four avocados — two to use right away, and two for later.

Reddit | ever0nand0n

We all know that where avocados are concerned, the ripeness can be a sudden-appearing, rapid-closing window, so anything that helps clarify the situation is handy.

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8. Seals for delivery orders.

Reddit | twillitacular

Nobody should have to wonder if their delivery driver has been sneaking fries or pepperoni slices, after all. I mean, I know I can't resist sometimes either.

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9. Using half a mango as a bowl for mango ice cream.

Reddit | kevinchr1

Double your fun, as the saying goes. And you don't even have to go to a fancy restaurant to get this — you can do it right in your own kitchen.

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10. A travel bag for birds.

Reddit | TacoDoc

This one is interesting — I guess this way, pet birds get to experience the outside world, sort of, without the possibility of flying off into a world that could be dangerous to them.

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11. Putting out a sign in a conference room that points out where the cold seats are.

Reddit | dtwuva

Well, this is just considerate, which really shouldn't be such a big deal, but here we are.

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12. Using sunglasses as a photo filter.

Reddit | RainManKnight

The pic on top was taken without the shades, and the pic on the bottom is with the sunnies over the lens. It's amazing how much the colors in the water pop!

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13. A well-placed reminder for the shopping list.

Reddit | sir_beardface

A lot of tissues do something similar, changing color slightly toward the bottom of the box, so it's a well established thing that has been adopted here.

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14. This dishwasher displays the time remaining in a cycle by casting it onto the floor below.

Reddit | Edtunk

Because dishwashers are getting increasingly seamless installations, that sort of information needs to be available somehow, and this is a pretty clever solution.

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15. There's a grocery store in Italy where pets can ride around in little carts.

Reddit | MerleChi

Maybe it's not the best idea to mix pets and food prep areas, but service dogs will have to come in, at least.

And these carts ensure they don't go where they shouldn't, and don't get their paws stepped on or run over by carts, so there's that.

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16. This windshield has heaters underneath where the wiper blades rest.

Reddit | Boltsnouns

Should they come standard on every car? No. Can't imagine them being popular in Florida, for example.

But as an option, folks in the northern states would definitely go for it every time, I would think.

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17. Patrons at a bakery in Mallorca can walk on glass over the bakers' heads.

Reddit | james_rae

And they get to see all the delicious baked goods being made. Not sure how the bakers feel about this arrangement, however.

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18. A library carpet made from pieces of books.

Reddit | burgersandchips2

Not sure if this is the most efficient way of recycling old books, but at least it's appropriate.

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19. Tilted garbage cans might not catch on everywhere, but in some spots, they're effective.

Reddit | Papyrophobia

This is in Denmark, and along a bicycle path, which makes it easier for the nation's many cyclists to hit the mark when tossing their trash.

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20. Likewise, this area must have plenty of horse riders.

Reddit | MiLK_Mi

And admittedly, it would be pretty inconvenient to have to get down from the saddle to press a button for a crosswalk, so making a horse-height button is a good plan.

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