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16+ Pics Showing The Enormous Strength Of Women

Caitlyn Clancey 10 Jan 2020

The world is full of powerful, strong, ass-kicking women, and it's about time we give them the recognition they deserve.

Throughout history, women have proven themselves a force to be reckoned with by fighting for such basic rights as reproductive rights and the right to vote.

Most recently, they've refused to remain silent victims and have bravely stood up against some of the most powerful sexual predators in the world with the rise of the #MeToo movement.

The women in this article come from all different walks of earth and have shown their enormous strength in a whole host of different ways, big and small. Today we celebrate them and their bravery with the hopes that tomorrow we can become them.

1. "Left is me in the ICU from an overdose. Decided I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and am 6 months clean and sober today."

Reddit | sturgio_garcia

This Reddit user was able to overcome her addiction, which is certainly no small feat, to became a better, happier, and healthier version of herself.

She later added that her dad took the first photo, and wrote: "When I asked him to send it to me today he said that photo makes him so sad but so happy that I'm not that person anymore."

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2. This is the resignation letter Sheriff Terry Barnett handed in after refusing to subject prisoners to an unsafe jail environment.

Reddit | Pariahdog119

As per the letter, a judge ordered Barnett to reopen the jail with near-lethal carbon monoxide, exposed wiring, mold, and a faulty fire alarm system.

Rather than allow prisoners and employees to suffer such hazardous conditions herself, Barnett resigned from her position.

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3. This woman was on an airplane when she lent a helping hand to a mom in need.

Reddit | gangbangkang

According to this Reddit user, the mother was having a difficult time calming her crying son and dealing with her other young child when this kind woman offered to hold him.

The toddler slept in her arms the entire flight, and she even walked him to the baggage claim once they landed.

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4. When she was seven months pregnant, this woman was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Reddit | benhanan1

Her husband posted this powerful photo on Reddit and wrote that she started chemotherapy treatments seven weeks ago before giving birth to a healthy baby boy.

He added, "She is more beautiful than ever."

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5. "24-year-old Biochemist wins the Miss America pageant by performing a science demonstration onstage as her talent."

Reddit | Sumit316

Camille Schrier took home the crown after wowing judges with her fascinating demonstration.

In her acceptance speech, she said she "hoped to break stereotypes about what it means to be a Miss America in 2020" by being a "woman of science" who is true to herself.

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6. Twenty years after she was declared cancer-free, this girl returned to the same hospital as a nurse.

Reddit | attheisstt

This Reddit user shared the girl, Montana Brown's, backstory, and revealed she actually beat cancer twice.

After her second round of chemo, Brown decided nursing was her calling and wanted to follow in the same footsteps of the passionate, caring men and women who helped her through her toughest moments.

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7. In 2018, Christine Blasey Ford bravely testified before the U.S. Senate, alleging then-nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her.

Getty Images | Pool

According to TIME, Ford began her testimony by saying, "I am here today not because I want to be. I am terrified."

Although Kavanaugh was eventually confirmed to the Supreme Court, Ford's testimony sparked a national conversation on sexual abuse and encouraged other silent victims to to share their experiences, and share them out loud.

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8. Flight attendant Shelia Frederick saved a teenage girl from human trafficking on a flight.

Reddit | datbanter

According to USA Today, Frederick noticed the disheveled and visibly uncomfortable teen was flying with an older man who refused to let her speak to concerned attendants. After discreetly telling the girl to go to the bathroom, Frederick left a piece of paper in there where the teen wrote that she needed help.

Frederick alerted the pilot, who then contacted police, ultimately saving the young girl from becoming a victim of human trafficking.

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9. American singer Kesha shared a makeup-free selfie embracing her natural freckles and signifying her new, happier life after trauma.

As reported by New York Times, she sued Dr. Luke, one of the music industry's most powerful producers, accusing him of emotionally abusing her, and asked that she be released from her contract. She also said he pressed her to lose weight, leading to her stint in rehab after developing an eating disorder.

Since going public, Kesha has dramatically changed her image and has embarked on a difficult journey of self-acceptance and self-love, as highlighted by her bare-faced selfie.

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10. "Ballerina Aesha Ash is wandering around inner city Rochester in a tutu to change stereotypes about women of color and inspire young kids."

Reddit | dickfromaccounting

Aesha Ash was always told she wouldn't make it in the ballet world because she was a woman of color.

But she refused to listen to her doubters and went on to have a successful career as a professional ballerina for 13 years. Now she runs a nonprofit called The Swan Dreams Project where she uses her career as a ballerina to inspire today's youth and challenge the stereotypes that surround women of color.

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11. This Reddit user shared the way she boosts her confidence as a disabled woman.

Reddit | trinhead

As she wrote,

"Being disabled changes the way people see you and how you see yourself. To boost my confidence when using my mobility aids and to diminish their stigma, I punk-ed out my rollator."

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12. This image shows a physically and emotionally exhausted nurse coming off a heartbreaking 53-hour shift.

Reddit | PresidentFartFeather

The Reddit user explained she ended her four day-long shift with the delivery of a still-born child.

It's important to remember that nurses and doctors are human, and they're just as affected by devastation and tragedy as the rest of us. But unlike us, they don't get grieving time, and must continue to help the injured and sick people of the world without letting us see them crumble.

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13. "Tilly lost her hands as a baby. Now she's bionic!"

Reddit | AsimoCat

After contracting a deadly meningococcal strain at 15 months old, Tilly's parents were told she was most likely going to die.

But the young girl fought, and fought hard, and against all odds she started to get better. Although she lost her hands and toes to the disease, and developed deep sores all over her skin, she's bravely pushed on, determined to live as normal a life as possible.

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14. Margaret Hamilton was NASA's lead software engineer for the Apollo Program, and was instrumental in putting man on the moon.

Reddit | RajaJinnahGFX

As this photo shows, Hamilton led the team that hand-wrote the thousands of lines of code that sent Neil Armstrong to the moon in 1969, the pages of which she is pictured standing next to in the above photo.

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15. These two ladies are a mother and daughter duo who recently piloted a Delta flight together.

Reddit | _njhiker

According to the New York Post, Capt. Wendy Rexon and her first-officer daughter, Kelly Rexon, quickly went viral and have since been hailed as inspirational role models for girls who aspire to one day pilot their own airplanes, too.

In fact, aviation runs in the Rexon family, as Wendy's other daughter, Kate, is also a pilot! This family refused to let the pressure of a traditionally male-dominated field prevent them from achieving their dreams.

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16. This is actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus, six months after completing treatment for breast cancer.

Reddit | Gato1980

In her cover story for Vanity Fair, the 58-year-old got personal about her diagnosis with the magazine and admitted, "I hate to have to think about [my health]. But I'm very happy to be alive."

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17. Pictured: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi challenging President Trump in the Oval Office.

Wikimedia |

In the above photo, Pelosi told Trump, who repeatedly interrupted her during the 15-minute exchange, "Mr. President, please don't characterize the strength that I bring to this meeting."

Forbes recently named 79-year-old Pelosi one of the World's Most Powerful Women for her part in executing the impeachment process against Trump and refusing to back down against the president's attempted intimidation.

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18. These side-by-side photos show a woman forced to carry on after losing the love of her life too soon.

Reddit | jordsimill

As the Reddit user wrote,

"2 years ago my step dad sat in this spot on the Appalachian Trail right before beginning chemo. This morning, my mom sat in the same spot to watch the sunrise on our first Father’s Day without him."

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19. "My wife breastfeeding our newborn while writing an essay to apply for her PhD."

Reddit | robtheslob

Balancing being a parent and pursuing both an education and a career is an enormously difficult task. But this mom is out here working hard to build a future for her family and be the best mom for her newborn possible.

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20. This woman sent her stepmom a photo of her head shaved as a result of chemo treatment and was given some much-needed inspiration in return.

Reddit | shookababy

As this Reddit user wrote, seeing the picture of a bald Sigourney Weaver as the badass character of Ripley in Alien 3 was exactly what she needed to see.

The woman wrote that her stepmom's seemingly simple gesture "made me feel like a warrior when I really needed it."

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