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Cloud Nails Are The Latest Dreamy Nail Trend Floating Through Instagram

The new year is all about new energy. Whether you plan on finding your zen or make more time for self-care, many people aim to seek a sense of calm after the hectic holidays.

The newest nail trend sweeping social media definitely combines both of these ideas for a fresh start to the year!

Cloud nails are the latest manicure design floating through Instagram's atmosphere.

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To be honest, I'm not one to go get my nails done — however, after seeing this design, I may just have to switch up my self-care routine!

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Many people are keeping the base color of their nails light to match the softness of the clouds.

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A cool-toned pink makes it look like a delightful sunrise seen from an airplane.

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A baby blue nail base reminds me of a beautiful spring day — something many of us in northern parts of the country are really looking forward to soon!

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Of course, you can't go wrong with a little addition of glitter to make the design really sparkle and shine.

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There are so many unique variations of the trend that will match any style, whether you prefer bold, dainty, or neutral colors and textures.

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Will you be giving this nail trend a try? Let us know!

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