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16+ Pics That Show Why I Can't Take This World Seriously Anymore

Even though a lot about recent years has been terrifying for us, it's somehow still often the case that even the scary parts of modern life can be completely ridiculous.

With that in mind, I suppose that brief period when people decided to dress as clowns and terrorize everyone with knives seems like a bizarre warning about the future now.

After all, it's hard to know whether to scream or nervously laugh when things go sideways now. And while that's a vibe that many of us aren't comfortable in, it's always fascinating to find someone who is.

So whether the wacky things we're about to see are making us laugh or just preparing us for the future, they're pretty likely to make us see the world as one big joke.

1. Considering that all these guys would normally have to do is nail some planks of wood together, they have to be showing off here.

Reddit | yeerk_slayer

Still, the guy standing on his head must have some serious faith in that horse's jumping ability to put his groin on the line like this.

I really wouldn't recommend it.

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2. Let it never be said that this car's owner doesn't have a positive attitude.

Reddit | YourBrainSmellsSpicy

I would expect that the cost to replace the window would be higher than what they'd need to get those Tool albums back, but I'm happy as long as they're happy.

Besides, I'm not gonna pretend I wouldn't be bummed if I couldn't listen to Tool anymore.

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3. It's hard to tell what someone was trying to do here, but I don't think it worked out.

Reddit | actuallyyourfloor

Rather than make what I assume was supposed to be some kind of cookie cake, they just ended up wrecking some perfectly good cookies.

What a shame.

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4. Oh dear, it looks like yet another person didn't get what they were promised from an online retailer.

Reddit | Monkeyz

I think that when you try and fight crime with this on, your voice automatically adds a question mark every time you say, "I'm Batman."

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5. This is apparently a bad idea because cows aren't meant to carry people around like this.

Reddit | CamTheChest

Still, I can only hope that cow doesn't cotton on to the most messed up part about what its rider is doing.

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6. I suppose there's nothing inherently special about a cat lying down, but the way it's doing it is kind of tripping me out.

Reddit | EverettTheGuy

Like, if this turned out to be one of those trick rooms where the floor looks like a wall and this chair is bolted into it sideways, I wouldn't be surprised.

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7. This seems like something that's hard to do by accident, so I can only wonder what the fan guy had against the projector guy.

Reddit | S44F4Y4T

Or maybe they were both installed by the same person who wanted to see which would survive after the two clashed. Who knows?

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8. Even if they don't get in the way of walking, I can definitely picture a lot of scenarios where these shoes would be a serious nuisance.

Reddit | gknewell

And that makes me wonder what exactly this guy's deal is. Is he the Texas version of a leprechaun or something? Is there a barrel of oil at the end of the rainbow?

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9. I like how both of these guys are looking at us as if to say, "What?"

Reddit | JareBearnocare

It's as if we're the weird ones for not thinking it's a good idea to drag your bed frame-riding buddy down the street with a motorcycle.

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10. I don't know why, but I'm a little surprised to learn that mermaid tails are machine washable.

Reddit | clearedtoland22

You'd think that with all the scales and lining you'd need to make a good one, the results would be like trying to shove a feather pillow in there.

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11. Uh, yeah. Someone should break it to this person that the other driver isn't the problem here.

Reddit | shlammysammy

Based on the fact that they saw fit to post this, I'm guessing the woman was too polite to point out (however calmly) that only one of them was actually parked inside the lines.

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12. I'm sure there's a context for why this is happening but shhh. Let's not ruin the magic.

Reddit | seven_critical_blows

All we need to know is that a clown is arm wrestling a guy in a gorilla suit on TV and the other two guys seem to be taking it pretty seriously for some reason.

It's a beautiful thing.

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13. When the uploader caught sight of this guy, he was apparently doing a swimming motion with his arms while in this position.


I think this is one of those times where we just move along and don't bother asking any questions.

I think the explanation would only leave us more confused.

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14. I'm also not entirely sure what happening here, but it seems like a much worse idea.

Reddit | AkyaAddams

We've rightly been told not to play with fire, but I suppose we have to make it clear that playing with things that rocket out of fire isn't some clever way of getting around this rule.

And even if we did somehow ignore this wisdom, we should at least remember not to use our crotches when we play with flaming rockets. That almost rhymes.

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15. The bait is right, but I think the gorillas will be too strong to be snared by whatever trap this is.

Reddit | EdwardTennant

Or am I trying to make a lot more sense out of this situation than it deserves? I have a habit of doing that.

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16. What started as a perfectly nice blue jay statue has now gone down a dark road to a very strange land.

Reddit | northforthesummer

Is it better or worse that the babies seem very excited about riding the giant bugs?

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17. At least this time, it's only the perspective that's confusing.

Reddit | mrthrowawayaccount30

And it only takes a minute to realize that we're looking at two dogs and not just one with an absurdly tiny head.

Given what we've seen so far, that's pretty refreshing.

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18. Oddly enough, this isn't the first toilet I've seen sitting out in the middle of the wilderness.

Reddit | OyeSimpson

But unlike the other commodes, this one actually gives the impression that it flushes. doesn't, right?

I'm not sure what's real anymore.

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19. Sorry, but I don't think that uncomfortable squeals are going to generate much electricity.

Reddit | __Jorj__

Granted, it wouldn't be the worst experiment that someone has ever pursued in the name of progress, but it's probably for the best that the pig can't see this guy.

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20. When a hedgehog doesn't have any spikes, this is apparently what it looks like.

Reddit | killerbunnyfamily

I guess those who complained about Sonic's original look in the upcoming movie don't realize how bad they could've had it.

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