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Joaquin Phoenix And Martin Sheen Arrested At Jane Fonda's Climate Change Protest

Rae Batchelor 10 Jan 2020

Jane Fonda has famously been leading a climate change protest every Friday since October, which she has dubbed "Fire Drill Fridays" on the steps of Capitol Hill in order to raise awareness and put pressure on the government to respond to the rising issue of climate change.

Since October, Fonda has faced four arrests.

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In order to avoid a fifth arrest, which could lead to substantial jail time, Fonda has enlisted various other celebrities to participate in these protests with her leading to their subsequent arrests, including Ted Danson, Sally Field, Lily Tomlin, and Rosanna Arquette.

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This week, which marks the last week of Fonda's appearances at these protests before returning to California, she was joined by Joaquin Phoenix.

The Fire Drill Fridays Twitter account revealed that Joaquin spoke about the meat and dairy industry's effect on the climate, writing, "Even the Joker believes in climate change! Joaquin Phoenix calls out the meat and dairy industry for being the 3rd leading cause of the climate crisis."

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Fonda was also joined by legendary actor Martin Sheen, who spoke about Fonda being one of his heroes.

"Clearly, the world will be saved by women, thank God they outnumber us men," Martin said in his speech as part of the protest. "We are going to find something worth fighting for."

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Both Joaquin and Martin were subsequently detained and arrested at the protest.

Other celebrities in attendance at the protests included Susan Sarandon and Maggie Gyllenhaal, although at time of publication it is unclear if they were in among the group detained and arrested.

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