8+ Facts About Marvel Actors That Fans Didn't Know

Jake Bean 13 Jan 2020

Yes Marvel fans, you may be an expert on superheroes, their powers, their connections to each other, their movies, their movies' connection to each other, but what about the most important aspect of those movies?

The CGI– er I mean the actors who play those superheroes?

Are you ready to learn about them?

1. Mark Ruffalo's First Job

Youtube | Keith Richardson

We all have good, bad or interesting first jobs, but Hulk might have us beat.

His first job was in a Clearasil commercial when he was about 20 years old.

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He was so excited about landing the gig...

That... well you know when they say "don't quit your day job?"

Well, he actually went out and quit his day job at Freedom Guitar in LA after one gig!

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2. The First Time Robert Downey Jr. Smoked Weed


For most people, it was in their teens (or in some clean-cut writer's cases, it was never) but Robert Downey Jr, Iron Man himself, smoked dope for the first time at 6 years old!

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You see, Robert Downey Jr's father was Robert Downey Sr...


The filmmaker and the purveyor of 60s counterculture.

So while all the squares were keeping their kids away from drugs, man, RDS was giving reefer to his young son RDJ.

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3. Robert Downey Jrs Battle With Drugs


After being exposed to drugs at a young age, Robert Downey Jr grew up and had a very public battle with drugs and alcohol in the early 2000s.

Thank god he bounced back.

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4. Tom Hiddleston Auditioned For Thor


Before he was the second best Marvel villain, Tom Hiddleston actually auditioned for the other son of Odin, Thor.

We're pretty happy he ended up being Loki. Tom Hiddleston as Thor just... doesn't really work.

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5. Scarlett Johansson is a twin!

Youtube | Tod's

She is actually three minutes older than her twin brother, Hunter Johansson.

He is also an actor (on occasion) and went on Entertainment Tonight a couple of times for a couple of years.

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6. Ruffalo's Brain Tumor


Back in 2001, Mark Ruffalo found out he had a brain tumor.

They were able to remove it sure, but in the process, he lost all hearing in one of his ears.

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7. Chris Hemsworth Was A Contestant on 'Dancing With the Stars Australia'


Oh yes, before he was prancing around with a hammer, he was prancing around with Australian celebrities.

And guess what... this little stint on the show almost cost him the role of Thor!

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Kevin Feige told him:


"We all saw your audition. We were passing it around the office and everyone was, you know, really into it. And then a few of the girls started googling your name and up came this dancing video and I thought, Oh no. Thor dancing? I don’t know, the fans are gonna eat us alive.’”

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8. Robert Downey Jr Was On SNL


He was a cast member for only a year and... well, people have not been kind to him.

He's considered to be one of the worst SNL cast members of all time.

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9. Chris Evans Is A Tap Dancer

And apparently, he likes to get hammered as well.

Below is a video of a drunken Chris Evans talking about how he is a tap dancer during a live interview.

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10. Larson Has Been Acting Since Age 9


She started out doing fake TV commercials on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, then, 20 years later, she was Captain Marvel.

Her first big acting gig was 21 Jump Street.

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11. Benedict Cumberbatch Was Once Kidnapped At Gunpoint


Back in 2005, he was doing a BBC show in South Africa called To the Ends of the Earth.

He and his friends were stopped at gunpoint, driven to the middle of nowhere, then dumped outside the car.

Weird, right?

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