15+ Pics That Are As Fascinating As They Are Bizarre

Some places are interesting in a way that just don't translate into photos. For instance, if you were to take a trip to a magnetic hill, you'd be able to feel the hill moving your vehicle upwards with no actual input from you.

It's an odd thing to experience, but it couldn't be less impressive to look at. If it's not happening to you, it basically amounts to watching a car slowly scale a hill.

But most of the places this world has to offer make their mark in very visually striking ways. In these cases, it's much easier to make us feel jealous about not being there.

However, it's not always totally apparent as to what we're seeing and that context can make a visually interesting pic even better.

1. This is a model of a creature known as am Elasmotherium, or a Siberian Unicorn.

Reddit | I_Am_Err00r

Although there are as many of these walking around as there are actual unicorns nowadays, that wasn't always the case.

These massive beats walked the earth about 40,000 years ago when there were creatures of comparable size for it to pierce with that horn.

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2. By now, we've seen enough of this man to recognize him instantly. This time, however, it's a complete coincidence.

Reddit | cacacaio

In case you're wondering why Trump's face looks so scrunched together and weird, the answer is that the folds of skin in this dog's ear just happened to bear an unsettling resemblance to him.

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3. It's not often that we get such a detailed photo of a fly getting stuck in something, but the uploader had the right tools for the job.


Those of you with trampolines may be well aware that the holes in the safety net are just fine enough for flies to get stuck in them, but it's news to the rest of us.

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4. This photo isn't anywhere near as boring as it looks.

Reddit | Pink_Bird_Asylum

And that's because there are actually four Israeli special forces soldiers hidden among this scenery.

Of course, counting the rocks gives you a good idea of what they're disguising themselves to look like, but it's impressive nonetheless.

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5. Although it may look like we're seeing a bunch of tongues at once in this picture, the truth is that we're only looking at one.

Reddit | ImmediateCricket6

It turns out that this is what a cat's tongue looks like under a microscope, which does a lot to explain why they're always so rough and sandpaper-like.

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6. Technically, this is a picture of nothing.

Reddit | BrKo14

More specifically, someone took a photo of complete darkness and then turned the brilliance, saturation, and exposure all the way up while turning the contrast all the way down.

The result was this bizarre mosaic of glitchy green squares.

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7. These men have a reason to look so intimidating as they stand by this rhino.

Reddit | Bushuazoo

And that's because they're tasked with guarding the last remaining male Northern White Rhino, Sudan, from poachers.

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8. If it seems weird to flex with a raw chicken, the truth is that the complete opposite of flexing is happening in this photo.

Reddit | VerySlump

In reality, this five-pound chicken is pictured in front of the amount of Venezuelan bolivars required to buy it: 14,600,000.

If someone ever asks you why they don't "just print more money," show them this picture.

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9. Tucked away in Paso Robles, California is this incredible field of lights.

Reddit | drkmatterinc

As we can see, it makes much more of an impression during the night when every little illumination shines the brightest.

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10. As impressive as it would be to capture a pan of rice in motion, this display is standing perfectly still.

Reddit | goofballl

That's because we're not looking at rice at all, but rather a plastic model of the food this restaurant offers used to entice people into trying it.

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11. Here we see some Japanese military officers during World War II surveying their anti-aircraft trombones.

Reddit | mozchops

Sadly, this doesn't mean that they somehow figured out to shoot planes down with noise.

Instead, these horns serve more as an early warning radar system as they're supposed to pick up the sounds of approaching planes.

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12. This may just seem like a maintenance tunnel, but coming to work in here had some horrifying implications.


That's because this tunnel leads into a Canadian bunker constructed near the nation's capital of Ottawa during the Cold War.

Nicknamed the "Diefenbunker" after the Prime Minister at the time, John Diefenbaker, this was constructed so he and whatever military personnel would have staffed this structure could survive in the event of a nuclear war.

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13. Most male peacocks develop a dazzling array of feathers, but they all turned out white on this one.

Reddit | WantedHat995954

This isn't necessarily because it's an albino peacock, but rather because it's a leucistic one.

The difference is that leucistic animals don't have red, overly photosensitive eyes.

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14. When we see a shaved chimpanzee, there's one quality they have that immediately becomes obvious.

Reddit | aayushVinayak

And that is that they're absolutely jacked. According to New Scientist, they're about 1.5 times stronger than us relative to their size.

We're technically stronger because each chimpanzee is smaller than an average human, but without that advantage, we'd lose easily.

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15. For some reason, a massive glass elevator was built into the side of this cliff in Wulingyuan, China.

Reddit | Anti_PSycho

It's apparently over a thousand feet high and although it doesn't seem like it works in terms of "floors," I can only imagine how many floors that would total up to.

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16. Electrical technicians don't seem like they have easy jobs at the best of times, but that's especially true in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Reddit | Chinacat_Sunflower72

After all, accepting that job involves accepting the possibility that you may one day have to take on this monstrosity of tangled wires.

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17. There was a bruise here, but it's gone now.

Reddit | emza90

That's because a mosquito happened along and bit the exact spot where the bruise formed.

Thanks, I guess? It's hard to tell whether that blood is any less or more enjoyable than normal, though.

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18. The recent volcanic eruption of the Taal volcano in the Philippines has already had some serious effects in its surrounding area.

Reddit | Notfrootloops

One of the subtler, but still incredibly striking of these effects is the way that it turned all of these pineapples gray thanks to the layer on ash that formed on them.

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19. Although someone went to the trouble of framing this, it's not actually a painting or a piece of embroidery work.

Reddit | Raccoon1304

Instead, it's the original wallpaper that was first put in this house back in 1885.

That's right, they technically framed a hole in the wall.

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20. When fire burned this tree, it revealed its inner vascular system.

Reddit | SirMalcolmK

While we can expect to see rings when we cut a tree down, they also have this network of noodle-like tissue inside of them.

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