16+ Jokesters Who Live To Make Us Laugh

Ryan Ford 13 Jan 2020

What would life be without laughter? Probably pretty quiet apart from the bouts of open weeping. Laughter isn't the easiest gift to give to someone else, but it's definitely one of the most appreciated — probably the third-most after cash or a much-needed internal organ.

I guess what I'm saying is, the folks that make us bust our guts are genuine treasures and we should appreciate them. Just like these folks below!

1. "My cousin was asked to bring a potato dish to the family party..." wrote the uploader.

Reddit | EditorsNotes

Is their cousin lazy? Sure, obviously. But they also know what will please a crowd!

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2. "I just swaddled my 6'3" seventeen year old son," wrote the uploader. "(He was jealous of his 21" 3 day old sister.)"

Reddit | BertJPDXBKLN

And it looks like it came with a lesson about doubting the determination of a woman who just gave birth three days earlier, and who has given birth at least twice 17 years apart.

Looks cozy, tbh.

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3. Is he the Invisible Man or the Flash?

Reddit | NefariousSerendipity

I don't know who made this, but hopefully it was therapeutic, because dang, this is dark.

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4. Finally, some truth in advertising.

Reddit | GlockAF

I think there's a reason why hand sanitizer isn't marketed this way. It's just too real.

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5. To whoever put this plaque up, kind of a jerk move, but well done.

Reddit | CoachoHagan

Because just having the news footage out there in the world isn't reminder enough of a famous slip-up, right?

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6. Well, yeah, I do now.

Reddit | buckeyespud

Effective advert from conception to execution. I mean, it would be inconceivable that people could just walk by without buying peanuts now.

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7. When "some assembly required" is open to interpretation.

Reddit | Ken_LolGamer

Some will call it lazy, some will call it a shortcut, some will call it art. I call it something I wish I had thought of first.

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8. Growing up to be like your heroes isn't always what you think it will be.

Reddit | EatPrayNub

I honestly forgot how many arms get lopped off in the Star Wars saga. The wampa was self-defense though, so there's that.

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9. Never gets old.

Reddit | KenTheSystrainee

Of course, those who buy into the whole "voice-activated" pranks will get the last laugh eventually.

I'll be the guy just standing in front of the actual voice-activated hand dryer, damp hands extended, silently waiting for something to happen in 2047.

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10. When a dutiful son just wants to make sure his parents don't confuse their luggage with someone else's.

Reddit | dawndollygolden

Kids are just the gifts that keep on giving, and giving, and giving, even when you beg them to stop.

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11. "Work was slow, I made a 'Chainsaw,'" wrote the uploader.


So I guess Carrot Top influenced at least one person. Prop comedy is not dead yet!

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12. Truth in advertising, part 2.

Reddit | zero_td

I mean, at least they're promising realistic results. I'd like to think I could master enough Photoshop in a month to give myself abs, too.

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13. I love unintended consequences.

Reddit | Sumit316

Apparently, Thailand instituted a plastic bag ban. So shoppers started showing up with all kinds of random things to take their purchases home.

It's still best to cut back on plastics, and the resulting creativity is cool too.

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14. Well, there are worse ways to enforce rules around the office.

Reddit | thejohnblog

And honestly, is there any more serious lunch room transgression than microwaving fish? Come on now, be a team player.

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15. Branded merch is great and all, but the hand-made stuff is from the heart.

Reddit | NegaGamer

Just maybe don't ask what all went into the production process. It could be messy.

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16. "My mother-in-law made all the men in our family a pair of these sleep pants for Christmas," wrote the uploader.

Reddit | KyleRichXV

Somebody is going for "Mother-In-Law Of The Year," I think. Or at least "Funniest Mother-In-Law Of The Year."

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17. Well, you can't say she didn't do her homework.


Just maybe not the homework she was assigned. But it was still time well spent, clearly.

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18. "My blind friend got engaged yesterday...he's pretty sure," wrote the uploader.

Reddit | DownwindDonkey

Finally, a rom com neither Hugh Grant nor Tom Hanks could pull off. Well, maybe Tom Hanks. The guy's a legend.

Still, if you want a memorable proposal, it's hard to beat this one.

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19. "I needed my wife and daughters to smile during a photo shoot, so I told a dad joke," wrote the uploader.

Reddit | Tio76

And he ended up with so, so much better than mere smiles. Now I really want to know what that dad joke was, though.

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20. Okay, this person definitely dads, too.

Reddit | KingOfBoogle

It's really amazing how well the gargoyle's expression works, too. It really looks like it wants to tear this guy a new one if he doesn't give his nose back, pronto.

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