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Coke Has Released A Vanilla Float Flavor And We Know Where You Can Get It

Marilisa Racco 13 Jan 2020

You know that feeling when you're craving something sweet but also refreshing, and you think to yourself, "I'm going to treat myself to a Coke"? And then you grab one from the fridge, pour it into a tall glass, and knock back a long sip? There's nothing like it, is there?

Well, Coke has gone ahead and upped the ante with a flavor that will have you salivating once again. They've created Vanilla Float, a drink that blends Coke's signature cola taste with the delicious and nostalgic flavor of a vanilla ice cream float.

It joins a long list of unique flavors that Coke has released in different countries.

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In 2005, New Zealanders were treated to Raspberry Coke, while Green Tea Coke made waves in Japan in 2009. Lucky caffeine consumers in Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Slovakia, and Spain got to test Coke Blak in 2006, which was coffee-flavored, and Coke lovers in Mexico, Japan, New Zealand, and Bosnia and Herzegovina were treated to the lemon-lime Citra Coke.

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Vanilla Float Coke was created for the Japanese market.

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If you didn't already have a burning desire to go to Japan, this will surely put you over the edge. I mean, if all that amazing candy and Coke isn't just a delightful saccharine dream, I don't know what is!

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But we know where you can get some stateside.


There are a couple of websites where you can order Vanilla Float Coke. Go to 99Japan where it'll set you back $4.99 plus shipping, or eBay where it'll cost you more than a decent bottle of Chianti. Totally worth it, right?

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Why let Japan have all the delicious fun?


Go on and get your hands on this delightful new flavor. After all, things go better with Coke.

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