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Walmart Wants You To Break Hearts With Their Chocolate Heart And Mallet Set

Valentine's Day is coming up, and depending who you are, you are either ecstatic or rolling your eyes while you read this.

Maybe you've never liked the pink and red holiday, or maybe you've recently been broken up with or dumped someone and it's too painful to deal with lovey-dovey couples everywhere.

But Walmart is selling a chocolate heart that might be more your style.

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The milk chocolate heart bark by Sam's Choice is topped with the cutest pink, purple, and white sprinkles and comes with a very important accessory.

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A wooden mallet.

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Yes, you are seeing that correctly.

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If you're going to break any hearts this Valentine's Day, it better be a chocolate one!


If you've upset your beau, just hand them this as an olive branch.

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It's also great gift to bring to your friend who just went through a breakup and needs to let out some steam, and who could also use a chocolate pick-me-up.

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I certainly wish this was out when I went through mine!

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