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Woman Charged For Allegedly Punching Her BF For Leaving Dog Out In Rain

Ryan Ford 13 Jan 2020

An Oregon woman is in hot water after allegedly punching her boyfriend in the face, twice, after he apparently left her dog out in the rain.

Coos County deputies responding to a domestic violence report said when they arrived, the victim had a "marble sized welt" and a scratch on his eyebrow.

Unsplash | Matt Popovich

He told the deputies that she had punched him while they were talking.

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The deputies had little difficulty in their investigation.

Unsplash | Ayla Verschueren

The alleged assailant, 38-year-old Melissa Sue Morris, didn't dispute punching her boyfriend, saying he had left her dog outside in the rain, according to a press release.

Morris faces a domestic assault charge.

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