Robert Downey Jr Surprises Autistic 'Iron Man' Fan With $20,000

Jake Bean 14 Jan 2020

As if you needed any more reasons to like Robert Downey Jr.

He's funny, he seems like a good guy, he was the most likable character in one of the most successful franchises of all time, and now we know that he's super generous too.

Stop hogging all the goodwill, Robert Downey Jr!

Who doesn't like Robert Downey Jr?


Sure, you have some people who are bound not to like him, but overall the reception to the star is pretty positive.

His bubbly and enthusiastic energy keeps fans around.

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I mean when he does stuff like this...

Youtube | TheEllenShow

It's kind of hard not to.

Oh I'm sorry, did you not know that Robert Downey Jr guest-hosted The Ellen Show the other day? Did you not know he brought on a ten-year-old autistic Iron Man fan?

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After Robert Downey Jr sat there and listened to the poor boy's story...

Youtube | TheEllenShow

He was so touched by the fact that the boy used Iron Man to inspire him when he was sick that he got a charity to donated $20,000 to the family.

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Here's the interview:

And it's every bit as heartwarming as you think it would be.

The enthusiasm RDJ has for meeting this kid who looks up to his character so much is just great.

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