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15+ Unsettling Pics That Take Some Courage To Learn The Backstories

When we see something supremely messed up, our first reaction isn't usually to think, "Gee, I'd sure like to know more about whatever the hell that is."

Most of the time, it's a hearty "NOPE" and a desperate search to find the fastest route away from it. But we'd also be lying to ourselves if we claimed we don't get morbidly curious sometimes.

We may ask ourselves why we're doing it, but some intense sights just transfix us enough that we know we won't be able to stop thinking about them until we answer those nagging questions in our minds.

But rather than look for this elusive context in places that may show us even worse things, it's better just to get it all here.

1. Not only is this the last thing a lot of drivers want to share the road with, but it was parked in a place that brings out all the creepiest things about it.

Reddit | GooberGrape79

Specifically, it was parked facing a cemetery in the Deveraux area of Philadelphia.

Unfortunately, I don't know enough to tell you whether its owner is just a particularly edgy goth or someone more mysterious. So I share where it was found to give you the best possible chance to avoid it.

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2. It's hard to explain what exactly this statue depicts, but it's found in a rather macabre museum in Sosua, Dominican Republic.


More specifically, Castillo Mundo King, which is known to feature a lot of Haitian art that features voodoo imagery.

The uploader said the museum had an H.R. Giger vibe to it and describes the owner as "an interesting fellow."

I think that much is clear.

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3. If there's any comfort I can give here, it's that nobody in this picture was really dead at the time.

Reddit | Davinan38

As for why they're pretending to be, it's because they are portraying the seven wives of Bluebeard.

This was a villain from a European folktale known for marrying women just so he could lock them in his castle and then kill them. Folktales tend to be pretty dark like that.

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4. Oddly enough, the bizarre growth on this fence isn't the part of this photo the uploader should be worried about.

Reddit | Oldmate81

He refers to this sight as a "tree root demon hidden under capping of my asbestos fence," which made most commenters stop worrying about the roots and start expressing concerns about the fact the fence has asbestos in it.

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5. This sign would be an odd sight to see while underwater, but it makes sense in context.

Reddit | breathholding_nick

That's because this eerie space used to be a mine and the fact that it's now completely submerged offers a lot of insight into why it stopped being one.

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6. Although it's difficult to uncover the origins of this old photo, it's certainly taken on a life of its own since it was taken.

Reddit | Jojo1001101011

Namely, as one of the images that people like to use to sum up their travels within the deep web.

Although this was likely just someone experimenting with various costumes during the early days of photography, the fact that it's monochrome, involves imagery that at least seems "occult," and is difficult to pin down in terms of place and time makes it fit the "dark web's" sinister reputation well.

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7. Although it's obvious that this was never depicting a Care Bear, this image actually turned out more evil looking than anyone intended.

Reddit | garridonon

For anyone who's worried, this is definitely not going to put any curses on anyone because it's just an ordinary Joker T-shirt turned inside out.

Honestly, the uploader might make more of an impression if they kept wearing it like this.

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8. Although this makes for a pretty unsettling sight, there's actually a very caring idea behind it.

Reddit | magic_king_

These are actually face prosthetics made by a woman named Anna Coleman Ladd, who had intended to help soldiers who experienced facial disfigurement in combat.

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9. If this seems like some kind of bizarre cult activity, you'll be relieved to hear that this isn't what's going on.

Reddit | kyle-inator

As the uploader explained, he and his friends took a broken mannequin from a Forever 21 store as it was going out of business and one of them has kept it in his trunk ever since.

One night, they trespassed into a sewer tunnel and decided to take some "dumb" pictures with it. At least they're honest about it.

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10. We all know that some gross things can end up clogging our sinks, but this one is sure to bring about those skin-crawling feelings.

Reddit | Glitch27

Apparently, this wasn't just random sludge, but rather the remains of a decomposing snake.

Lovely, isn't it?

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11. This has been labeled as a Bible bound in human skin, but it thankfully seems like that isn't the case.

Reddit | RhinoVanHorn

Instead, the consensus seems to be that this book is actually bound in the skin of a pig.

Granted, that's pretty creepy as well, but it at least makes me less concerned that there's a serial killer on the loose.

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12. Unfortunately, the most distressing part of this image is that someone had to exist in what seems like an unimaginably painful state.

Reddit | SourCynic

This was identified as a "medical oddity" exhibit in Philadelphia's Mütter Museum.

The museum prides itself on being equally as informative as it is disturbing and we can already attest that it's right about at least one of those things.

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13. If this catches someone's eye enough to ask about it, they may not like the answer.

Reddit | hairybooger

Apparently, it's a section of skin bearing a moon tattoo that was surgically removed and cast in resin.

While there are less worrying reasons why someone might own something like this (a keepsake of a fallen friend or family member, for instance), it's unclear who this tattoo once belonged to or why this person has it.

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14. While there aren't many good contexts for a sudden brown patch in your sink, this would still be a lot of people's worst nightmare.

Reddit | Pomps8a

It turns out that the sink was full of so many spiders that they appeared to be one solid object.

For some reason, the person recording this video reacted to this news by trying to throw them at his friends. I think I know who we should really be afraid of in this situation.

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15. These piglets were found at an abandoned hog farm, but it's unlikely that they survived long after these pictures were taken.

Reddit | 94sdime

As we can see, they suffered from a form of cyclopia that occurs when the eyes and nasal cavity don't finish forming during the pregnancy.

Although it can occur in many species, including humans, it's often fatal before the creature even makes it this far.

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16. While it's not unusual for birds to fly into windows, this one in Arizona left a ghostly imprint after it made its impact.

Reddit | ismellcatpee123

Although this was likely the result of a particularly painful collision, the imprint is so detailed due to the oily substance birds produce to coat their feathers.

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17. This is probably a case where more context would be really helpful, but we sadly don't have it.

Reddit | qkarlos

Because without it, all we're left with is a statue of a man being bound and tormented while a demon face rests in front of his crotch.

Unfortunately, googling "El Indio" doesn't really help either because that just means "The Indian" in Spanish and there are a lot of things bearing that name.

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18. While it's not exactly a welcoming sight to discover chicken feet stapled to your fence, it's actually not as bad as it seems.


While there's a good chance this was put up for voodoo reasons, putting chicken feet on a boundary like this is supposed to be more of a protective act than a curse or anything malicious.

So at least there's that?

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19. Everything about this house screams "NOPE" loud enough to be heard from miles away, but it's also where the uploader has been working lately.

Reddit | GDogg69

No, it's not a haunted house, although the fact that this cavernous archway is the only way in would probably serve that purpose well.

Instead, the uploader as actually working on restoring it because while this house looks creepy, it's apparently still structurally sound enough to make a makeover worth it. It certainly needs one.

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20. This isn't the complete nightmare scenario it may appear to be, but it's still pretty creepy and mysterious.

Reddit | WharfBlarg

What we have here is a glass eye buried in a headstone. So we can take solace in the fact that this eye isn't real, but we'll still need a little more context before we rule this as "not cursed."

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21. It's actually fairly common for old European churches to have real bones on display, but not all of them get this creative with them.

Reddit | DrunkRedditBot

But I suppose that when a place is literally known as Bone Church like this one in Kutna Hora, Czech Republic, people expect a little more than to just see them lying around.

Hence, this chandelier.

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22. Apparently, it can get a little hard to watch the security footage in this funeral home chapel.

Reddit | QueenofEnglandBanana

And while the sad atmosphere likely doesn't help, the main reason concerns that figure near the door in the top center.

It's apparently just part of the architecture, but it definitely looks like someone is always sitting there even when that's not possible.

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23. As sinister as this quarter looks, it helps to learn that this isn't blood.

Reddit | Corbin00

Apparently, it wasn't uncommon to mark coins with red nail polish when it was more common for bars and restaurants to have coin-operated jukeboxes.

This was the staff's way of differentiating the coins they used to keep the machines running from the ones the actual customers would put in.

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24. This is even remotely scary when we look at it, but let's not pretend it wouldn't make us jump when caught out of the corner of our eyes.

Reddit | Jaxien99

Sure, it's clear that these are parts of a fallen tree and not the legs of a giant spider, but don't underestimate that one irrational split-second before we realize that.

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25. Finding a doll just lying around outside can already be a little creepy under the right circumstances.

Reddit | aylmaoreena

Finding a doll covered in what looks a lot like blood outside, however?

Yeah, we're suddenly entering into IT territory and it's not surprising that the uploader refused to get any closer to it than this.

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26. Speaking of creepy dolls, this one was apparently just waiting to be discovered in an antique store.

Reddit | PandaMan195

OK, I know it's easy to make us feel old, but I object to the idea that Toy Story came out so long ago that Sid Philips can actually say he was making antiques.

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27. The worrying part of the discovery of this ring doesn't necessarily have anything to do with it or the crystal that was attached to it.

Reddit | Merman_Mike

Rather, it has to do with the fact that when diving YouTuber Merman Mike found it underwater, it was in a garbage bag weighed down with a bunch of rocks.

For whatever reason, someone wanted to keep this hidden.

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28. Icicles can form in some gnarly shapes, but this seems a little too person-like for my tastes.

Reddit | LittleFreakShow

You'll often find this picture with the caption, "When it's so cold outside that the ghost haunting the house froze to death" and it's hard to deny that this is kind of what that looks like.

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29. Apparently, this is supposed to be a fairly benign furry meetup, but the lighting makes it pretty hard to trust their intentions.

Reddit | Alphawolf447

Maybe I've just played a little too much Five Nights At Freddy's for my own good, but it doesn't look like I'd ever come back from the "world of make believe."

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30. A lot of people have a very romantic idea of France, but it has as much crime and potential for scary situations as anywhere else in the world.

Reddit | throwawaywifey008

For that reason, I certainly wouldn't blame anyone if they refused to walk through this poorly lit industrial area in Nantes.

A lot can happen in those shadows.

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31. There are a lot of things I wouldn't recommend trying at home and this ranks pretty high among them.

Reddit | KrissiKross

I'm sorry if this picture makes you shudder or react violently, but it has to be known that someone out there had an idea this bad.

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32. Yup, there's nothing like seeing headless child with a ghostly floating arm to brighten your day.

Reddit | Curt04

OK, I think I know what's actually going on here.

I've seen enough failed attempts at panoramic shots to pretty confidently guess that someone wanted to take a nice one of their daughter only to learn that she couldn't stay still.

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33. Believe it or not, this is the picture someone put on this house's listing.

Reddit | TonyBagels

Yes, someone thought that a shot of an oddly blood-like stain on the wall would entice people to buy this place.

If this is the cost of being able to afford a house, it's no surprise that so many people do without them.

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34. For some reason, this was hanging over someone's bed in a hotel room in Mexico.

Reddit | mikencapo

The little girl featured in it is part of the famous painting Las Meninas by Diego Velazquez, which leads us to two conclusions.

Either this hotel's owner has a print of an unfinished study of the little girl with no face, or the girl originally had a face and they let Mr. Bean in here.

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35. Believe it or not, there was a time when people might have actually been relieved to see this.

Reddit | RickSanchezfromEarth

When the bubonic plague was ravaging Europe, this is the mask that a doctor would've worn to protect themselves from their patients' infections.

There's some debate as to why these masks had such weird, long beaks though.

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36. Although this could very well serve as the thumbnail for some video about the deep web, this photo's origin is a little easier to determine.

Reddit | whitenwordsayer69

Simply put, this was probably taken on Halloween. It's just that in the early 20th century, there weren't really any party stores you could visit to grab a costume.

Instead, they were homemade. And back in those days, they were a lot more likely to actually be scary. Again, it's not like there were any superheroes or Disney princesses at the time.

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37. There's something very unsettling about a scene where all the trees in a dark forest have something deliberately placed on them.

Reddit | eduardo0917

But it's obviously scary when they turn out to be pieces of paper with stuff like "he's watching you" or "you're already dead" written on them, it's still pretty weird when we discover they're actually slices of bread.

After all, just because our tone when we ask why this is happening is less anguished than bewildered, that doesn't make the question any less valid.

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38. When we see a grave fall into disrepair, there usually isn't much of a story to tell.

Reddit | Celt9782

After all, this was only the result of the ravages of time, right?

Well, one commenter drew on their own experiences and raised the possibility that given the size and the number of the breaks here, it's not out of the question that the body in this grave had to be exhumed.

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39. Apparently, a corpse's eyes don't necessarily stay closed on their own when we attend a visitation.

Reddit | awh_schnapp

And that brings us to what these these small plastic caps in this person's hand are.

It turns out that they're eye caps that are inserted into the departed's eyes both to keep them closed and to help maintain their shape.

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