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French Fries And Champagne Is The Pairing We Didn't Know We Needed

There are many iconic food and drink pairings in this wonderful world. Wine and cheese. Milk and cookies. Tea and scones. Coffee and coffee cake. Beer and wings. Soda and popcorn.

But we just learned about a new (to us) food and drink pairing that is a major game changer.

Everyone, meet Champagne and fries.

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A fancy-shmancy beverage and a basket of piled fried pieces of potato seem like an unlikely pair from first glance.

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However, the pairing comes together as naturally as peanut butter and jelly.

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According to Moët & Chandon’s very own Marie-Christine Osselin, french fries are actually the best food option to pair with the sparkling beverage.

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Apparently, the saltiness and crunchiness of the fries perfectly compliments the acidity and crisp bubbles of the Champagne.

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According to the quality and communication manager, Champagne should actually always be paired with more simple foods.

"[N]o more than three,” she said.

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Did we really need anymore excuse to eat fries and drink Champagne?

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Will you be giving this pairing a try? Let us know!

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