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Rain Finally Falls In Australia, Extinguishing Some Fires And Bringing Hope

Amy Pilkington 16 Jan 2020

After years of ongoing drought and weeks of raging fires with no rain to speak of, parts of Australia are finally getting a bit of relief, with more to come in the forecast.

While it's not a magic wand and so much rain comes with its own challenges, Australians are feeling a bit more hope for the future.

Melbourne received a month's worth of rain in only a few hours.

The deluge resulted in flooding and damage, and unfortunately didn't make it to East Gippsland, where the worst fires in the state of Victoria are raging.

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Things were rosier in New South Wales, where rain helped extinguish an estimated 32 fires.

The forecasts show rain and storm pockets all over the continent for the next few days, which will bring more relief — especially from the smokey air — but it raises new challenges too.

Years of drought have left the soil dry and hard, incapable of soaking up rainfall fast enough to prevent flash flooding. The devastation in the wake of the fires also means there is far less ground cover to help lessen flooding.

A few lightning strikes also sparked new fires.

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But for now, residents are happy to enjoy the hope it brings.

Especially children, who may have never seen a real heavy rainfall in their lives.

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Australians are working hard to save their country and the lives of the people and animals that live there, and they will continue to do so.

Reddit | feathersoft

This photo shared by Redditor feathersoft says, "Sunset after the first rain in quite a while in the Lachlan Valley, NSW."

A little hope and a lot of rain has literally brought color back into their world.

h/t: CNN, The Daily Mail

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