11+ Easy Bedroom Upgrades To Do In A Pinch

Brittany Rae 24 Jan 2020

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It's where you go to unwind and maybe, just maybe, it's where you go to watch Netflix and eat dinner in bed — hey, I'm not judging.

Since your bedroom is so important, you deserve to have the comfiest place to relax. These simple ideas will help turn your room into the place of your dreams.

1. Make your own headboard.

YouTube | The Sorry Girls

I mean, sure, you could buy a headboard. But you could also bust your DIY skills out and do it yourself!

Fabric headboards are especially DIY and budget-friendly, and you can get really creative with your pattern choices!

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2. Add an accent wall...

Wall Sauce

...or paint a half one, at the very least!

Whether you go the paint route or the wallpaper route (stick-on wallpaper is simple af), this is a super easy way to change your room up.

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3. Add. Plants. A lot of them.

There's nothing more inviting and chic than plants, especially if you put them in stylish planters.

Make sure to get plants that will be easy for you to keep alive — or go the fake route, if you just know you'll kill them (no judgement, it happens to the best of us).

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4. Hit up your favorite online retailers.

There's a ton of online retail furniture options these days. You can go for the classics, like Ikea, Target, and Wayfair. Or branch out into places like Article, Anthropologie, Jysk, or Urban Outfitters. The sky is the shopping limit.

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5. ...Or head to a store.

Ah yes, the long forgotten option of in-store shopping. Shopping in store for new furniture and decor definitely has its benefits, especially at stores like Marshall's and Home Goods. You never know what you'll find.

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6. Get organized.

Visible clutter can make you feel cramped and overwhelmed. The solution? Some cathartic organization with really chic storage.

You can hit up everywhere from Ikea to the dollar store for organization solutions that will be as cute as it is functional.

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7. Do some wall sconces with no electrical knowledge required.

See that wall sconce? It's not wired in at all. Decorator Alexandra Gater put a floating nightstand on a wall and then attached a simple plug-in wall sconce to it.

For a renter-friendly option, look for a lightweight sconce that can be held up with command strips! Yes, it's possible, I promise. I've done it!

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8. New textiles will change your life.

If you need a refresh that has a big impact but super low effort, look no further than the fabric in your room.

New sheets, curtains, or pillows will change up your bedroom right quick!

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9. Add some gold.


Listen, gold is just the right choice. We did the whole silver thing for a while, but now gold is back and better than ever. Accent your bedroom with some gold lamps, hardware, frames...anything, really.

Just don't go overboard. We're going for chic, not tacky.

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10. Purge what you don't need.

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your bedroom is to purge what isn't necessary. Donate old furniture and clothes, declutter your drawers, and declutter your nightstand.

The extra space will help you see what you may need — or not need.

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11. Add some stylish storage.


Storage does not have to be ugly. Get your knick knacks and keepsakes off of your surfaces and onto a wall unit. And for those objects you just can't hide? Buy a cute basket!

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12. Invest in some mirrors.

Joss & Main

Mirrors are an excellent way to upgrade your space, especially if you have a small one. Not only do they (obviously) reflect light, they help a room feel bigger.

If you have the space, go for an oversized standing mirror. If you don't, a round mirror would look amazing above a dresser!

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13. Add frames.

We're all guilty of having art or posters that aren't framed. You can get really creative with how you frame your favorite pieces, like doing a whole gallery wall, or hanging art from a magnetic frame!

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14. Change your hardware up.

After you've finished painting your furniture (or even if you chose not to touch it), changing the hardware can totally shift the energy of your furniture. And it can add some personality to it!

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15. A tall lamp never hurt anyone.


Seriously, can you go wrong with a floor lamp? Nope.

Look for lamps that have a lot of visual interest, or have interesting shapes. It'll make for a great statement piece, and also, you know, help you see in the dark.

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16. Contact paper your butt off.

For those complicated patterns that you just don't want to paint, or for spaces that you want to add some cute style to, contact paper is your best friend.

It's a cheap and easy way to add trendy patterns to any surface without having to resort to paint. (Helpful if you rent, or if you're lazy, like me.)

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17. You can't go wrong with some cozy seating options.

Decor Gold Designs

Whether it's a bench, a pouf, or even an ottoman, comfy seating for when you're getting ready in the morning is just a good idea. Plus, if you pick up one that has storage, it'll do double duty! Score.

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18. Add accent rugs.

Design Inspiration

"Even over carpet?" You ask, to which I say: "Especially over carpet."

You can pick one up for under $20 at Target, so it's not too expensive. A new rug not only makes a big impact visually, it makes a big impact physically — seriously, your feet will love you.

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19. Don't be afraid of wall shelves.

If you don't rent (or even if you do — renters are entitled to reasonable holes in the wall in most places, so check what your rights are), wall shelves are a great way to add storage and style to your walls.

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20. Put up some handmade art.

Whether you make it or a professional artist makes it, some actual art on your walls is a huge upgrade. Put your DIY skills to use, or hit up Etsy for some custom work!

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21. Paint your furniture.

If you're tired of your regular furniture, don't throw it out. Grab a paintbrush and a bucket of paint, look up how best to paint whatever surface you're working with, and refresh what you already have.

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22. Replace your ceiling light.

Replacing those standard ceiling lights isn't nearly as difficult as you think it is. There's tons of YouTube tutorials to take you through the process, and really affordable lights to add some personality to your space.

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