9+ Cute Valentine's Day DIYs That Came From The Dollar Store

Brittany Rae 29 Jan 2020

Valentine's Day is around the corner. I know, I know. That's a panic-inducing sentence. But have no fear! Diply is here to help you make cute, creative, and cheap presents for your favorite Valentine, or delightful decor for your home!

You. Got. This.

1. Put a new spin on fortune cookies

Happy Hooligans

Craft paper from the dollar store is all you need to make this quick and easy DIY.

Using your chosen paper (or even white paper that you've decorated yourself!), follow the directions at Happy Hooligans and make your Valentine a pile of sweet nothings inside some adorable cookies.

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2. Make some pretty crystal hearts!

These hearts are totally easy — most of the work involves you just sitting and waiting.

Using a mason jar, some thread, some pipe cleaner, and some borax, you can create adorable decorations for your house!

See? Easy!

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3. These sweet hearts cost $4 to make.

A Bird and A Bean

Over at A Bird and A Bean, Erin got crafty with some basic wood hearts from the dollar store, some paint, and a ribbon or two.

This is a super cute idea for a family, or a group of roommates with clever caption ideas. You know what I mean.

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4. This sign is a dollar store rehab!

While the original sign was fine, @bygraceonblueberryhillfarm thought it could use some personal touches.

She painted over the existing sign with chalk paint, then glued on the metal hearts from the original sign!

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5. This garland is minimalist and cute.

Glorious Treats

Not to mention cheap!

For those who aren't into the grand tradition of massive amounts of pink and red on Valentine's Day, this garland by Glory by Glorious Treats is ideal. It's made with burlap, twine, glitter, and paint. That's it!

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6. Make some votives out of mason jars.

Mason Jar Crafts Love

Who doesn't have a spare mason jar kicking around these days?

Even if you have to pick up one from the dollar store, this craft by Mason Jar Crafts Love is still going to cost you next to nothing. Grab some paint, glue, and glitter and get to work! If you don't want to add a real candle, why not throw in some twinkle lights?

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7. Rainbow hearts? Those are totally year round.

This Valentine's craft might require you to go a bit farther than the dollar store — but what you get will still be free!

Using paint chips from the home improvement store will turn some wood clips into delightful Valentine's Day decor!

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8. Turn anything into a heart.

Design Improvised

The brilliance of this DIY comes in its simplicity: Find any spare craft supply you have, try and shape it into a heart, glue it to a canvas.

Haeley at Design Improvised used doilies, pom poms, and glitter to make her hearts!

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9. Valentine's Day up your jewelry.

Does your dollar store have clay? Of course it does. So why not pick some up and get creative with it?

You can use paint to tint the clay and a knife for texture!

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10. These heart bobby pins are so cute!

Minted Strawberry

Aki at Minted Strawberry got super creative with some Valentine's Day decor.

She took a heart garland from the seasonal section and separated out the plastic hearts from the string. She then spray-painted them gold, attached felt to the bobby pins, and attached the hearts to the felt. That's it!

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11. Trees really are for any holiday.

Lolly Jane

Christmas who? On Valentine's Day, our trees wear pink.

You'll need styrofoam cones, felt, pins, and glitter to make these adorable trees. You can even use heart-shaped curtain rod ends for the toppers!

Get the instructions for them at Lolly Jane!

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12. Buy a ready-made kit for maximum ease.

Don't have time to pick up supplies? This craft kit in the Target dollar section has you covered.

The pillows come with fabric markers, so you can get creative with your tiny Valentine's decor!

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13. This one could not be easier.

Lemon Thistle

Whether you already have the supplies or need to hit the dollar store, this simple (and chic) piece of art is just a kiss or two away.

Colleen at Lemon Thistle used various shades of lipstick to make this piece of art come to life.

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14. These cute frames are made from paper!

If you're looking for a fun activity to do as (or for) a family, look no further than these amazing paper frames!

Make sure to cut your chosen paper to the specified size to ensure maximum adorableness.

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15. This adorable wreath.

All the materials for this wreath (except the food coloring) came from the dollar store! Who knew coffee filters could be used to make a beautiful addition to any front door?

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