7+ Craft Projects That Didn't Turn Out The Way Pinterest Promised

Brittany Rae 29 Jan 2020

Pinterest: It's a site filled to the brim with DIY projects and crafts but it is also a site filled with broken dreams. If you think that's a dramatic statement, it's not. These pictures are the result of DIYs that had good intentions but came crashing down.

1. They're extinct for a reason.

This craft was supposed to be simple: fill an egg with soap, place the dinosaur in it, squeeze the soap out when it's set.

Nope. That poor dino is gonna be in there a while.

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2. A choice got made here...

A Pinterest Addict

See that florescent orange color that throws you right back to early 2000s Nickelodeon?

Yeah, that wasn't what this was supposed to look like. All the rooms painted in this particular paint color looked pink on Pinterest. A lesson was learned here: never pick your paint colors on Pinterest. Ever.

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3. This is the saddest bowl I've ever seen.

Craft Fail

This button bowl craft was supposed to create a cute, totally perfect bowl made of buttons and glue. What it actually created was a purple monstrosity.

Maybe we should just avoid using balloons in crafts from now on.

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4. This looks like an ice castle.

Unfortunately, it was meant to be a flower.

@_my_laptop_is_ded wrote: "...so I tried to make this cute rose I saw on Pinterest. I ended up with a crumpled heap of paper."

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5. A ruffled lamp may work in theory...

I Am Momma, Hear Me Roar

But in practice, it's quite literally dim.

I Am Momma, Hear Me Roar wanted to give a ruffled lamp a try, since they look gorgeous in the daylight.

Not so much at night, huh?

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6. This was an ice tray at one point in time.

@surfingmama tried to take a crack at making her own dinosaur-shaped crayons.

The process involves melting crayons in a silicone mold. Easy, right? Well, if you don't get a silicone ice tray, you're going to get...this.

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7. This is the most aesthetically pleasing fail I've ever seen.

Even though they failed, @claudiagoedke still managed to snap a frankly gorgeous shot of her monstrosity.

Gold leafing anything is really, really hard. Looking at this picture? Not so much. I could vibe with it, tbh.

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8. Ambitious walls are a lie.

A list of things that would be easier than trying to do a Pinterest-style ombré effect on your walls: climbing Everest, nailing a soufflé on the first try, putting out a fire.

(No, not really. But wallpaper is probably easier than trying to paint this, okay?)

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9. RIP to those plants.

Instagram | @anchoredatheart

This Pinterest fail got so close to being a win. Mounted wood boards? Check. Mason jars hung from them? Check.

Plants healthy, happy, and thriving? I might have to get back to you on that one.

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10. Did this person even try?

So, you know that old DIY trick where you save a broken plate or cup by repurposing it into other art?

This isn't that. Oh, it tried to be. But someone clearly gave up and sent it off to the thrift store instead.

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11. Baby Yoda, I'm so sorry...

There's no shortage of tutorials on how to make your very own Baby Yoda. This is...not that.

"I spent way too much of my day trying to sculpt a Baby Yoda, and instead I ended up with Adolescent Yoda who is judging me and getting ready to yell 'It's not a phase, Mom, geez!" @drawfromthewell so accurately described.

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12. This fail is so fair.

Shrinky Dinks are frickin' hard, okay? On Pinterest, they just melt and flatten down no problem. It looks easy as pie.

In reality? You get wavy, lumpy blobs of plastic with scribbles on them. That is so sad.

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13. This did not go to plan at all.

The craft was supposed to be a simple one: Add tissue paper, water, glue, and leaves to make a leaf print rainbow.

Nope. The tissue paper was supposed to bleed color, but it didn't. Then the leaves wouldn't make an impression. Pinterest, you big 'ol fibber.

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14. Crafting tiny stars is hard.

Imgur | pancakeprincess

"When the internet said this would be a "fun, simple craft!" they failed to consider my gorilla-like manual dexterity," pancakeprincess wrote on Reddit.

I'd say points for trying, but there aren't any points to be found. Oop!

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15. Even kids' crafts are hard.


If it was intended for a child, surely an adult can do it, right? Well, as it turns out, that is not always the case.

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