11+ Creative Ways To Upcycle Old Glassware

Brittany Rae 29 Jan 2020

Hey! You, with the recycle thing full of old glass bottles and jars. While it's great you're recycling them, go with me here: Why not turn them into helpful items to use around your house?

I know! Genius! Let's look at a bunch of cool ways to upcycle that glassware you're ready to get rid of.

1. Create cute storage.

Sarah Hearts

These jars found a new purpose when they got a chic paint job.

The silver aluminum lids were spray painted copper, and the outside of the glass painted with a cute scalloped pattern. Check out Sarah Hearts for all the details!

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2. Make candle holders.

Nur Noch

This upcycle involves some glass cutting, but don't worry — once you've got the hang of it, it's pretty darn easy!

At Nur Noch, these beer bottles became gorgeous candle holders that are quite literally one of a kind.

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3. Get your paint on.

Crafts by Amanda

Crafts by Amanda decided to turn her empty wine bottles into a party activity!

Using clean, dry bottles, you can spray paint a white base, then go to town with some craft paint. Voilá! A cute new vase is born.

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4. Make a lantern!

DIY Candy

There's nothing a mason jar can't become. This illuminating upcycle was done with Mod Podge, a map, and a battery-operated tealight!

A whole string of these outdoors would be so cute for a patio.

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5. Add some clarity to your pantry.

Design Inspiration

Take those glass Voss bottles and put 'em to work.

Empty and dry the bottles, then fill them with your chosen dry good. It'll help you easily see how much you have left, and they'll take up less space than bulky boxes.

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6. Create a terrarium for your plant friends!

Saved By Love Creations

This adorable terrarium began life as a wine bottle. Can you believe it?

This upcycle uses artificial moss and succulents, but I have no doubt that you could make it work with real plants. Check out the tutorial here!

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7. Put those empty candle jars to good use.

Swoon Worthy

Candle jars are so gorgeous, so why get rid of them? This amazing jar got new life as a pencil cup, and it looks so good that it's hard to believe it wasn't always one.

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8. Invest in some bottle pumps.


Turning glass into usable objects is such an aesthetic. Buying a bottle pump off of Amazon can easily turn your old jars into great new homes for your essential soaps and lotions. Plus, no more ugly plastic bottles!

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9. Create a centerpiece.

Shanty 2 Chic

This DIY takes some serious skill, but I know you're up for the challenge.

This project is made of old soda bottles and some spare lumber. Get the full step-by-step process here.

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10. Make instant wedding decor.

Mama Bee

If you have a wedding on the horizon, start saving up those bottles, because this decor is literally fire.

To get that gorgeous wax drip, try burning a candle or two in these before the big day. And don't forget the spray paint!

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11. Start an herb garden.

DIY Projects

If you don't have the space for a whole garden, why not make yourself a small herb garden?

These planters are actually self-watering. Get the instructions on how to make them right here!

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12. Keep your favorite seasoning close.

If you want to make your own seasoning, why not give it a cute home? This old candle jar is the perfect place to keep some of your favorite spices, and it'll look so cute on your countertop.

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13. Create some bathroom storage.

Joy's Life

This gorgeous upcycle uses not only old candle jars, but a candlestick holder!

Joy at Joy's Life detailed her process of removing the wax from the glass, drilling holes for the top handles, and affixing the candle stand to a glass!

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14. Make a whole bird feeder.

Etsy | Garden Forget-Me-Nots

Yeah. One amazing Etsy seller created this bird feeder out of old crystal and glassware.

This is a pretty achievable DIY, especially if you have some old glassware that has a matching lid!

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15. Make hanging planters.

Casa Watkins Living

This hack was inspired by $7 planters at World Market! Rather than pick up more glass to add to your house, reuse those glass jars you already have!

Get the tutorial at Casa Watkins Living.

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16. Give your walls a little light.

Mason Jar Crafts Blog

Whether you want your glass jars hanging or affixed to the wall, these easy tutorials will help you add a bit of personality to your outdoor space.

Mason Jar Crafts Blog has a ton of sconce tutorials right here.

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17. Put those mason jars to use.

Something Turquoise

Mason jars: the trend we all bought into, and now have a huge collection of.

If you'd like to put those to use, follow along with Something Turquoise and make your own mason jar candles!

Give some to your friends as a lovely gift. Now the jars are their problem!

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18. Make some unique tissue holders.


I mean, why use a tissue box when you can make a custom tissue jar?

Landeelu has your tutorial right here. Not only is this craft simple, but you can make it totally your own! Mine would be gold. Or pink. Both? Both.

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19. Use old food jars as storage.


If you have something you buy regularly that comes in a jar, start storing them up — you're about to have a whole matching set of storage containers that you can customize to fit your needs.

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20. Save some for kid-friendly crafts.


Keep Olaf nice and cool with this adorable snow globe craft from MollyMooCrafts!

Using an old jar, superglue, glitter, and a glue gun, you can turn trash into an awesome kid craft in no time.

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21. Make planters!

Kaleidoscope of Colors

If you're tired of your same old vases, it's time to give them a new job.

Using thrifted teacups and recycled crystal, this upcycle became an adorable bird feeder! I don't even have a garden, but I want one.

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22. Make a whole chandelier.

Modpodge Rocks

Do you have a lot of multicolored bottles hanging around? Then get them literally hanging around by stringing them up on a hanging light pendant.

Get the step-by-step process over at Modpodge Rocks.

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