People Are Sharing Pics Of How They Use A Versatile $30 Cart From Ikea

Brittany Rae 30 Jan 2020

Is there anything cuter at Ikea than the RÅSKOG cart? No, no there is not. Glad we're on the same page!

There are so many uses for a cute cart, and ingenious Ikea hackers around the world have gotten pretty creative with them. Let's see what they've done!

1. This person made theirs into a sewing trolley!

Ikea Hackers

Not only did they utilize the cart to move their sewing supplies around, but they used other Ikea items to make it more functional!

Using a KUNGSFORS knife rack and SUNNERSTA containers, they attached as many things as possible to make sewing a breeze. And it's all magnetic!

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2. Create an herb garden!

Ikea Hackers

This indoor herb garden is so handy. Jules at Ikea Hackers decided to stack it with sage, basil, rosemary, thyme, parsley, and cilantro, as well as a few edible flowers. And thanks to its grid-like shelves, watering is a breeze!

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3. Spray paint them to match your aesthetic.

If you're not into the current range of RÅSKOG colors, there's always good 'ol spray paint.

@lauravorlicek on Instagram decided to customize hers by painting them mint and pink. She uses hers to store all her stationery supplies!

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4. Make it a nightstand.

Homey Oh My

This is a great and creative way to get a lot of storage for a small price.

The RÅSKOG makes for a great nightstand, and would be very helpful in small spaces!

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5. Put your books on wheels.

If you like to read in different rooms, but don't want to carry piles and piles of books around with you, a book cart is the perfect solution.

Plus, those little magnets are a great idea for some personalization!

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6. Put your bathroom essentials in easy reach.

Homey Oh My

Why hide the things we all use? That's the idea behind this use of the RÅSKOG — keep the essentials in reach.

Stacking it with spare toilet paper, towels, and various items not only looks good, but is just plain smart.

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7. Keep your crafts rolling!

This a great way to move your crafts to whatever room you want to work in.

@maimakings added some goil foil stickers to add some personality to hers, and it looks so sweet.

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8. Make yourself an art cart.

Not only is this a fantastic way to keep track of your art supplies, it's exactly how I use my cart!

Storing art pens upside down makes for easy color selection. And having it on wheels means you can watch TV while you work!

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9. Use your cart for baby clothes!

How sweet is this? This smart parent put all their baby needs in one cart, including diapers!

This is especially helpful for those with a quick-moving kid. Now, how do I find the patience to fold clothes that neatly?

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10. Bar carts are quaking.

Why buy an expensive bar cart when you can grab a cute cart from from Ikea for $30?

This smart hack also involves putting a custom wood lid on the top — for serving, of course.

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11. Keep your favorite protein powders organized.

For those who enjoy their protein powders, this use of the cart is so helpful! Storing the small items on top and the big items in the middle? That's inspired.

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12. Put a spin on shoe storage.


This is the perfect solution for those who don't have a lot of storage, but also need a home for their many, many pairs of shoes.

Why hide them when your shoes are enough to display?

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13. Well, that's one way to use it...

Wouldn't it be nice to roll your art cart around without a little kitty bum inside it?

This person can't relate. You know the cat motto: If I fits, I sits.

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14. A rolling ironing board is just a good idea.

Ikea Hackers

Instead of having to move ironing supplies around, this hack combines everything all in one place.

This hack uses the RÅSKOG and the JÄLL ironing board, all of which wound up fitting together perfectly. Check out how it was done here.

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15. Make it into a desk.

The industrial look of the RÅSKOG cart makes it a favorite for many creative hackers. In this instance, two blue carts were built without their wheels, ensuring that the desk won't roll anywhere while also providing it with lots of storage.

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16. Turn it into your front door catch-all.

If you have a hard time managing your clutter at your front entrance, this might be the perfect solution for you. The RÅSKOG fits a lot, has a low profile, and can be wheeled out of the way easily.

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17. Use it as a home for your produce.

If you're low on countertop space, a cart is a great alternative to your traditional fruit bowls.

Not only does it help keep them organized, but having a mobile fruit station will provide maximum snacking opportunities.

Hm. Maybe my house needs a fruit station.

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18. Finally solve your mug problem.

Instead of not buying mugs (where's the fun in that?), you know what you could do? Get a cart and show them off. Guests will marvel at the ridiculous size of your mug collection.

Well, they might, anyway. But anyone who lives with you will definitely thank you for the free cupboard space.

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19. Turn it into a self-care cart.

For those days when you just need to relax and unwind, the RÅSKOG is there for you.

Stack it with reading material, candles, and maybe some hidden snacks. Make it a cart full of nice things to treat yourself with!

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20. Make it easier to serve guests!

If you have company over and want to find a quick way to move food, utensils, and other essential items from your kitchen to wherever you're eating, this is definitely the use for you.

If you live alone and you want to use it as a TV tray, I will salute you. You're valid. In fact, you're my hero.

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21. Incorporate it into your decor.

This bar cart has a few extra special features: an added board for placing delicate glass, some framed art, and (bonus!) paper straws.

Mounting a coat rack and hanging glassware on it is a great way to make your whole bar area look purposeful, yet innovative.

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22. Create your dream coffee station.

This is just so deluxe looking. You can make it a one-stop shop for all of your needs, or even pop a coffee maker on top and make your mornings a breeze.

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23. Stack some puppies on it.

These goofy Italian Greyhounds decided to make their owner's RÅSKOG their own!

Like many cats before them, these particular dogs fit perfectly into the cart's shelves. I love that their owners just went with it and put dog beds on each level!

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