11+ Tastefully Offensive Items For A Home That Runs On Sass

Brittany Rae 31 Jan 2020

Have you ever seen the Tik Tok that pitches replacing home decor that says "live, laugh, love" with "live, ahaha...fuck"? This article is the epitome of that Tik Tok.

If you're into decor that has a bit more attitude than the regular fair offered at Michaels (respect to Michaels, love Michaels), look no further than this article.

1. Add some scents to your relationship.

Etsy | Silver Dollar Candle Co.

This anniversary, show your significant other that you're glad Tinder brought you together with this tasteful candle.

SilverDollarCandleCo offers a variety of scents for this candle, so you'll probably find something you enjoy.

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2. "Welcome" new people to your home.

Etsy | Damn Good Doormats

There's no downside to this mat. Either the person speaks ASL and already thinks it's funny, or you get the pleasure of telling your friends that your doormat just told them to fuck off.

See? No downside. Get it at Damn Good Doormats on Etsy.

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3. This is an important message for guests.


Have a table you really aren't into having water stains on? Have guests who just don't get the hint when you put out regular coasters?

Amazon has the item you need to get the point across.

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4. Leave yourself a reminder.

Etsy | Mahalo Studio

This would look awesome above a bed, don't you think?

You don't have to compromise style in order to have subversive decor in your home. Inhale, exhale, and press "add to basket" on these prints from Mahalo Studio.

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5. This oven mitt is fire.

Not only does this mitt support you, but it's going to keep you safe. What more can you ask from an oven mitt?

Get it (and others like it) on Amazon.

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6. These teacups have a message for you.

Designer Melissa Johnson calls these "insult cups," which is entirely accurate.

She has an entire collection described as "tea without sympathy." You can find more of her work in her shop.

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7. This is so nice!

Listen, your home decor doesn't always have to directly offend someone. Sometimes, it can encourage you to do your thing!

Get this foiled print at Banter Cards on Etsy.

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8. Instantly print this wall art.

Go with me here: how great would this look in the middle of a minimalist gallery wall? I know, I know. I'm a genius.

This print is available as an immediate download from SemiNiceStudio on Etsy.

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9. Show your friends you really love them on their birthday.

Etsy | Pixel Party Ltd.

What says "Happy Birthday" like a balloon that says, "Another year closer to the sweet release of death"?

Nothing, that's what. Get these offensive balloons at Pixel Party Ltd. on Etsy.

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10. This is also how I feel about dishes.

Etsy | StudioA2H

Sometimes, saying it isn't enough to communicate how annoying it is to do the dishes.

Hang this dishtowel in your kitchen and it'll do it for you. Get it at StudioA2H on Etsy.

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11. Leave a reminder for yourself on your desk.

Etsy | BanterCards

Hm...I might need this for my own desk, tbh. This amazing desk notebook has tons of tearaway pages for you to fill out and forget over and over.

Get it at BanterCards on Etsy.

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12. Ok, boomer.

Etsy | NiceyVentures

There's no shortage of "ok boomer" merchandise on the internet, but there's something special about this one. Having it in 3D just hits different.

Get it from NiceyVentures on Etsy.

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13. And finally...

Etsy | Go Fluff Yourself

Nothing quite says "I need this" like a hot pink pillow that says "Bitchin'" in gold.

If you want this masterpiece (or more like it), grab it from Go Fluff Yourself on Etsy.

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14. Let people know when they need to bounce.

Etsy | Vancity Stitch Co.

Do you have friends that like to linger? Now you don't. This precious AF cross-stitch from Vancity Stitch Co. is the perfect message to let people know you're an introvert who treasures your alone time.

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