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Send A Baby Yoda Valentine's Day Card To Your Favorite Person In The Whole Galaxy

Baby Yoda might be the cutest thing on earth, and yet he isn't even real (I'm sorry if this is a spoiler alert). He very quickly slid right to the unofficial #1 spot of pop culture figures, and people are not done being obsessed with him anytime soon.

This loveable little alien makes the perfect adorable Valentine's Day card to give to your favorite cutie in the whole galaxy.

Stuck on a super cute and trendy Valentine's Day card to give your boo?

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Look no further than a Baby Yoda-themed card.

This one by WildestCloset made Baby Yoda into the most perfect pun to put a big smile on your partner's face.

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How about a "Baby, Yoda Best" card?

Etsy | RosebudPrintDesign

A Drake and Baby Yoda mashup card? We love it.

Find it here.

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As we know, Baby Yoda quickly turned into a meme, as most viral things do on the Internet.

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And this meme has now been turned into this adorable card.

If someone loves you more than chicken nuggets, hold on to them forever.

Find this card here.

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But the real question is, do you love your hunny more than you love Baby Yoda?


We sure hope they don't ask!

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