9+ Useful Lifehacks We Just Found Out About Now

I'm always striving to make my life a little bit easier every day. Whether it's getting through my work faster, organizing my space better, or cooking that dinner more efficiently.

So when I find useful lifehacks that can save me both time and money, I'm a happy woman. And I'm super excited to share some of these awesome tips with you today. You can thank me later. Hee, hee.

1. This Cooking Hack

Twitter | @DreamK3ng

Speaking of cooking, if your cutting board comes with this nifty little hole now you know why. No more spilling chopped food everywhere. Woo hoo!

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2. This Toothpaste Tip

Reddit | 291837120

Who knew that bobby pins can actually help you squeeze every last bit of that toothpaste out of the tube? I gotta try this trick.

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3. This Math Trick

Twitter | @stephens_ben

I gotta admit something to you, I'm terrible at math. So this trick could definitely come in handy when I don't have my calculator on hand.

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4. This Chip Hack

Reddit | FeelIvey

I dunno if I would call this a lifehack, but if you don't like to get your fingers dirty from eating chips, use chopsticks. Pretty smart!

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5. This Oven Trick


It's amazing how many awesome uses there are for aluminum foil. If you only want to make half the recipe for a casserole, this trick might work.

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6. This T-Shirt Folding Solution

Reddit | Wundertips

If you're always running out of room in your drawers you can use this smart T-shirt folding idea here to get more space. How clever!

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7. This Appliance Hack

Pin Tried It

I'm always getting confused when it comes to those cables around my TV area. I had no idea how easy it can be to label them.

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8. This Coffee Maker Trick

Reddit | kudos1007

Are you annoyed that your office doesn't have a toaster? I hear you. But did you know you can use a coffee maker like this to toast your bagel? I never knew that!

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9. This Microwave Idea


If you ever needed to warm up multiple dishes in the microwave this is for you. Just use a cup to create a second level. Genius!

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10. This Bag Storage Solution

Reddit | itsgoodsalad

Don't throw away those empty disinfecting wipes containers. They can be used to store those plastic garbage bags that are usually all over the kitchen.

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11. This Pill Labeling Trick


If you tend to forget taking your daily pill, no worries. Just use a labeling system like this and it will help you remember.

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12. This Pizza Cooking Trick

Reddit | thomasd4nkengine

I know it can be hard to fit an entire pizza in the oven so why not just cut it up like this? It works.

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13. This Lantern Hack

Reddit | bensleddale

If you're ever in a power outage situation or you're camping you can use a water bottle and your phone to create an instant lantern. Nice!

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I'm such a fan of lifehacks because basically they're like lifesavers.

Giphy | Late Night with Seth Meyers

They not only save you time and money but also your sanity. That's worth a lot to me.

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